Jul. 30th, 2012

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It's a beautiful day outside, and it's not too cold at all! I am settling in for some serious writing time, and I'm really excited about it! I have started all the meat and stuff for dinner marinading, the house is clean, the kid is distracted, and I am happy. Been to the gym, had my coffee, had breakfast, played with dishwasher, done all the bare mininum for a clean happy house and it's time to get to work.

I have no idea what today's post is about, so I might talk about Skintree, which is the book i want to work on today. Skintree is about a woman who has a Skintree. She's the only one of her kind and the adopted daughter of the royal family, and the strongest magic user in the known world. The Skintree looks like a tattoo across her back, until you see the tiny leaves are actually swaying on a gentle breeze across the woman's skin.

As her twenty first birthday approaches (it could be her sixteenth, it could be her 21st, whatever, as her age of adult-hood approaches) she expects her future to run in certain ways, but of course things never run to plan. Betrayed, she finds herself running from everything she ever loved. Struggling with her blood birthright she has to learn who she is fast, or else the lives of all of her countrymen are at stake.

Every novel of mine tends to have a theme or concept I am exploring, and in this one I am exploring the ownership of self and body. Our protag (Deniah, currently) has been very firmly trained to be a patriot to her country, and views all of her activities through the window of knowing she is a powerful asset in any game of thrones. She expects to be used for the benefit of her country and kingdom, and would lay down her life for her King. But of course this absence of 'selfhood' causes problems, and when forced against the wall she struggles to seperate her own self from her patriotism, and she has to alternately defend a kingdom that betrayed her while also finding who she is without the walls in her mind of selflessness. As a woman of the kingdom, she expects to bear children for the good of the realm, but this too is a bigger issue than imagined as her magic is of great value to any ambitious noble or royal. Plus, of course, there's the Skintree.

So she not only has to untangle years of propaganda from the way she views the world but she also has to re-determine the use and abuse of her own physical self, and learn to make choices based on these issues without external influence. Her body is her own, except when it's not... and she has to find out what that really means.

This is currently only at about 42k, since I started it for Nano last year, and then deleted a lot of it. There's a lot of good stuff already there, but I was unhappy with our secondary character, since, you know, we needed one (LOL, whut, dialogue is required? Hahahaha) and I have sorted out who they are and what they do. So, wish me luck! *rubs hands together* It's time to start my pomodoro timer and put some A into G.


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