Aug. 12th, 2012

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A Wine, Cheese and Corsetry Party! How better to combine the three loves of my life than a party party party!

Please bring: $10 donation for NAFF (more gleefully accepted of course) and a bottle of wine OR a cheese. The more the merrier! ♥ cheese and wine LOL

I might also have some copies of NAFF reports, or else maybe some original fiction for sale as a NAFF fundraiser. We shall have to see!

What do you get? Well, fine wine, women and song! Oh, and cheese! This is an excellent oppurtunity to dress in your finest. Corsets would be lovely, but if you don't have one don't stress. Please feel free to bring any wine charms you might own as I have lost the entire hundred or so that I had!

I'll provide munchies to go with wine and cheese, OJ and soft drinks. If you don't like wine please do feel free to come along and bring something for yourself to drink. :)

If you know someone who would like tocome, do bring them! As long as we bring wine and cheese, there's always going to be enogh for every one! :D There will be a bowl for the donations, and coins are welcome. If you have no idea what NAFF is, it's a fund of money that sent me to Melbourne earlier in the year toattend the National Australian SD Convention, and now I'd like to fundraise that money back! Please don't hesitate to ask me questions. I hope this is a huge success, and I am excited already!

Also, I live in Camillo, and if you're interested in coming, ping me for the address via email or FB. I have sent out some FB invites but I have no idea if it really sent them or what. I don't trust FB much!


callistra: Fuschia from Sinfest crying her heart out next to Hell's flames (Default)

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