Aug. 23rd, 2012

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Still sick. Any one surprised? However the flu is finally retreating, but leaving in it's wake an allergy to the cold and flu tablets I was taking, a very messy period, problems breathing, a sore throat, a dreadful cough and runny nose. I so sexy! So over all I am feeling *better* but each of the smaller things is taking its toll, and I had a melt down this morning when I couldn't breathe without coughing for about half an hour. I tried all sorts of things but in the end a hot shower for an awfully long time worked, which didn't fit in with my plans to try and catch up on some of last night's sleep. So now I have an appointment to meet the new Dr at our clinic. I hope he's nice, I am rather leery of doctors. Every one says to look aftermyself, and I am trying, but of course it has to come after I look after every one else first... and it's just a bad luck conjunction of stuff that meant John couln't stay home to look after me this week.

Other Stuff
There's other stuff? Really? Hmmm. My house is a mess, both kids are at school, and I have been really really sick. I got nothing beyond that!

Vulnerability isn't comfortable but it is a necessity. People think I am strong (and sometimes I agree with them LOL) but when I have to be vulnerable it can be a problem because I can't articulate what I need well. I have times when i can't talk, other times where I can talk but just nothing complex, and times when I need to lie still and not move but things still have to be done and it's easier that I just do it than try to wade throgh obligations and manners and ask for someone else to do it. But sometimes I just fall into a heap and need some one to cry on. And that's the important thing for me, I think. To occasionally let myself give in to the wild abandon of just saying "fuck it all, I don't care" for a little while. Though when you're crying and there's a worrying wheeze when you can't breathe... this may not be the best way to handle the not coping LOL Here's the lovely Brene Brown to talk about vulnerabilty.


callistra: Fuschia from Sinfest crying her heart out next to Hell's flames (Default)

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