Aug. 14th, 2012

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Big Brother
Big Brother started last night! Yay! Expect the occasional discussion where whimsy takes my fancy and I'll probably discuss some of the stuff that pops up from the media portrayals of a bunch of people living in a house under incredibly pressure. I'm looking forward to it! I love BB, I hate Kyle Sandilands, and Sandilands would be the only reason I would not watch it. Although making it hard to find eps on the internet would directly affect my enthusiasm! I was kind of expecting it to be like the Biggest Loser webpage which was *fabulous* for watching on my own time and pace. Anyway, let's torture some twenty somethings! Yay! I hope they electrocute them again! Yay! Not sure whether to crochet or try and make my dolly. The dolly might be a hand sew job, which could take all season of BB.

Life is Good.
It is. Really, it is! :D Had a very special night last night due to a rather odd concatenation of events. Life is a funny thing! 

Adding Run Lola Run soundtrack to my iPhone. Now do I listen to that, the new Covenant album (some songs are already up for 40 odd listens) or maybe some Sisterhood? Don't know why Sisterhood is pleasing me so much right now, it just does. Waily whiny goff music always did it for me, and apparently still does. :)

I did some poking the internet and looked at writing for actual money, but it's all too hard. Apparently most publishers are trimming their permanent staff and killing their freelancing budgets, and I'm hesitant to start learning a new method of writing right now. I read some stuff about writing articles, read a few more articles about the freelancing industry in Australia and then kind of threw my hands in the air and said if I am going to start trying to write better and have to do it for free, then I may as well start working harder on my own projects. Which is the plan. I am going to start devoting some greater time to blogging and also keep working on my fiction. Still trying to avoid that 'get a job' thing that crops up from time to time. :)

Thoughts on Taste
One of the inspirational quotes I remember occasionally is the idea that we have excellent taste as creatives, but that our ability to produce a work that pleases our own taste is something that we develop over a LOT of time and effort. In other words, when we start our finger paintings we know we want it to look like the Mona Lisa, but it takes decades of finger painting, mud pies, paint, experience and analysis before the divide between our intentions and our product are close. (I won't say exact, just close enough.)

I rather like this idea, except that I have terrible taste. Seriously. Big Brother? You should have heard the whining last night. Peanut butter cups? You should hear the whining about those! Pitch Black? Hell, I know it's a B grade movie. I don't tell any one these things are great. I tell every one that I love them to bits, and I really think they are great but I wouldn't recommend them to any one unless they are into a) self flagellation, b) crappy chocolate and peanut butter or c) muscle men movies where they are so manly and dominant *swoons* oops, distracted myself there...

So I have good taste because I strive to create, and to create things that please me... except my real world examples are, to put it simply, pretty trashy at times. And you know what? I have no problem with this. I can like problematic things too.
And when I feel like it, I'm just going to tell every one I have excellent taste. It's just not like every one else's! 

Spellchecker Wisdom
Yay! One space needed in peanut butter and that's it! My reward will be... BIG BROTHER LAUNCH EPISODE! YAYYYYYYYYY!


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