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NAFF Party
It's coming! It's coming! I am started to get really excited! I have made a list of things to do, and already checked off three of them! Woohoo! Really impressed with that since it's the first day of my period and I am vague/distant/moon-driven to sit quietly and be creative rather than actually clean things. Haven't dared the planning side of things, save that for tomorrow when I will be more alert!

B1 and the Febrile Convulsions
Round fifty seven million? Eh, whatever. So he had a couple last night, and the 2nd one was quite extended. Dr checked him out and found nothing wrong, and write up a referal to a specialist to get him checked out again. Yay?

Little Bit of Racism On The Side
Bit surprised to walk into one of those "they move here, they should learn to speak the language!" kind of discussions. I was so surprised I just sort of stared for a bit. I thik it's unfair to make any sort of comment like that, since we can never know the pressures and reasons for anything, and I know what *I* would do. I can't speak for any one else, and I think it's unfair to make those sorts of general comments when you don't know shit about the topic.

Very Full On Week
Followed by a quiet weekend. WASFF meeting didn't make me want to strangle any one, yay! Got lots of sleep and loves from the kids. I think I'm a bit more refreshed and recharged. Time to take over the world again!

No BB today. I just haven't watched it yet. Yay Ray's gone, can't wait to see the snippests they give him of his time in the house. I bet they saved the bitchiest comments for him. I already feel sorry for Estelle, when she comes out she's going to be so upset about how mean every one was to her, and how often.

Friday was some dedicated alone time, and it's been a very long time since I put some work into myself. Time to make it a little bit more of a habit, I think. I did a bit of meditation and cleansing and released some old emotions and thoughts, and moved into a more accepting phase of some things in my life. I'm pretty happy with it, thought it's never quite like how you imagine things to be. I also brought in a wand of jasmine, which perfumed the shower and bedroom and even the entire house. It was just beautiful.

Porn and Sex and Stuff Randomly Rambling
Thoughts on Sex, Porn, and I don't know, other random thoughts that people might not wish to know  )

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Random Ramble - The Sunburnt Edition!

Sports Carnival today!
Had a great time! Exhausting though, sitting around talking all day. :) Met the ... i don't know what she is, but she is at the school to counsel kids and I think she works for Communicare or something and Communicare has been given a lot of money to help set up support stuff in our suburb, so she was out and about garnering opinions and stuff. It was... interesting. Most of the people I was hanging out with were a tad fortified for a day of kid sports, and so were pretty chatty but it's funny listening to each of us navigate the past few years of school politics without actually explaining any of it. It's also hard to explain, and there's a certain level of trust required before people will really open up honestly. After all, no one wants to bitch about someone and then have a listener run off to tell the person all about it, now do they? However, what is interesting for me is that they are looking for volunteers to run stuff, ie cooking classes and budgeting classes and so forth, and I am thinking this might be a useful vehicle for me to practice running that sort of thing, writing the plans and documentation and do some IRL work for Saucy Sarahs. However then she started staring into my eyes and talking about the new steering committee they are developing and how that needs volunteers too and... GAH. Who's NOT looking for volunteers, lady? Every one wants people to work for free right now. I also don't think I am a representative of the local demographic, so why would listening to my needs be of use to any one?

Such a beautiful day today. Really did enjoy the weather and the chatting all day. Just a lovely way to spend the day. So, I am working on ideas for the school holidays, and much planning has been accomplished. Hoping to pack in 2 movies, 2 picnics, a trip to the pool and a trip to the beach into it. Plus it's clothes and shoes audit time. Yay? Lucky us? *sigh* Anyway, here's a special kind of link for geeks out there thinking about going on picnics. :D

Haven't heard yet so I am still hopeful. Fingers crossed! 

Jurien Bay Fishing
If you're in Jurien Bay and would like to go fishing, here's a link to some friends of mine that way setting up their own business. Good luck to them!

Time to go watch BB!

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Hmmm, having a little trouble focusing today. Maybe it's a motivational problem! I drank all my coffee and I hadn't even started today's ramble! 

It's coming! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So, time to do some planning and some buying and some writing things down and OMG it's coming! I need to choose what corset to wear! What skirt, what outfit, what bra! Hope you're all coming, it's only a week and a couple of days away! Tell me what cheese you want me to get, and what cheesey accoutrements??

AFP, Money, and Musicians
To start with, OMG what awesome eyebrows she has in this pic! Ok, now that's out of the way I can see this issue is very much a point of view issue. (Short version for those who don't want to click the link is that AFP has put out the word that on her up and coming tour, she would like any professional-ish horns and strings to play with them for for love and hugs. Or publicity.) The issue is one that is a judgement call, really. She's a performer, she can do what she likes, but of course any one can comment and bring their own issues to the party. It is unfair that she's asking people to perform for free, but that's life. No one said anything was fair! And if they did, they were trying to sell you something! But it does kind of ring bells about how writers are often expected to work for free too, and the little FB meme going around where a musician is asked to work for publicity by a resturaunt and their response was to ask would the chef would come out to work in his kitchen for a dinner party for publicity, so why would they? I already work for free here, and I'm pretty happy to be paid in comments and chatter, but at some point I really need to start earning an income. I'd probably consider doing the AFP style thing for free if it was fun, or people I liked and admired, or maybe some huge step forwards that was obvious and useful. AFP seems to me like an indie musician who is neither big enough for it to be a massive boost for any one, nor small enough for this sort of issue to just fall off the radar, so I wonder if there's a bit of "Oooo, let's pick on the famous person since she won at Kickstarter, is married to another famous person and is an easy target." On the other hand, though,. it would be hard to cherish and love each individual band and/or musician who put in the effort and love and time and training to be a part of this, since she needs a new group for every city. It's a bit ballsy to ask for this for every city. It kind of changes the tone of "this is fun, we'll jam and make art" to "I need some suckers to do the work for me." 

Still less than enthused about it. Can't wait to get my tastebuds back properly! At a good chunk of normal chocolate last night, with sugar and crap in it, and enjoyed it too LOL even though there was a constant rain of tiny chocolate shards whenever leachim broke more chocolate off the block. I rather liked it, I thought it was sweet. (Geddit? Geddit? Sweet? As in, the chocolate was sweet? And so was leachim breaking chocolate over me? Geddit?? ..... Remember, not only do I ramble, but I have a terrible sense of humour... LOL) Hee, the main reason I started this section was that I was reading an article linked to by tikiwanderer about deliveries of fruit and veg boxes, and in the article they say they liked getting weird stuff and then having to google "Yotam Ottolenghi + (insert vegetable here)" Now, despite the millions of jokes I could make about that phrase, what really struck me was WTF was a Yotam Ottolenghi when it was home, and wouldn't you just google words you could remember? Like "parsnip recipe" or "turnip delight recipe" or something much less complex. It turns out Yotam is a chef, so I guess he has recipes that must be pretty stunning. I'd misspell a name like that every time I tried! I guess Mozilla/Google's pre-typed search window terms would mean you'd only need to get as far as YOT though. Whatever.

Boy am I rambly today!

cheshirenoir sent me a link to a kid's programming language! I might try and learn it along with the kids. It might be good for a giggle LOL

Printable Blog Planner
I have had this link open for so long it's got dust on it. Metaphorical dust of course, but I am sure you know what I mean! So anyway, it's a free printable blog planner for creatives. Like me. Hmmm. i have had it open for ages because I haven't had time to sit down and think about how I would want this planner to work for me. I think I will just have to print out one page of everything and then see how it all fits together and then figure out the binding stuff at the end. Just one more project to chuck on the pile.

OMG it's Sport Carnival at the school!
And OMG this means school holidays is not far away! Eeep! *hides under a rock* We should organize some meets peeps. preferably somewhere no other parents in Perth know about. Yeah, like that's going to happen. We should go to Belmont Volcano park and stake out some section for Swancon peeps. We'd probably need to get there at about 6am though :( B1 has his sports day all day tomorrow, so I shall be outside in the sun, enjoying the weather and eating terrible food and drinking bad coffee. B2's sports day is today, from 2 - 3 this afternoon, and should be just gorgeous. Hope it warms up a bit though, it's cold enough this morning that my fingers are a bit stiff. As evidenced by my obvious problems typing...

I have been having some awesome fun writing corsetry articles. I am stiffening my spine today, or is that swallowing my writerly anxieties and sending in the first two to see if what I have written is what they want. I have another 18 titles to write, and at the moment each one is taking about an hour, but I expect I will get quicker as I practice the writing of articles. I did the Jeff Goins blogging course, and that was seriously good, and I really enjoying using his system to write. It's the system I am hoping to work with for the Saucy Sarah blog, and to hopefully keep things interesting and have people come back time and time again. If the articles don't sell, then I might just stick them up on SS anyway. I haven't put any energy into SS since before I got sick. I am looking forward to when I am well enough to do ALL the things! Maybe this afternoon..

Also, don't forget you can buy my story for just $5.99 USD and you get a whole bunch of related stories with it! I can promise that it's very silly and lots of fun!

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Ooo, a late one today! It's been busy, and in an awesome way!

A friend mentioned a friend who works for a certain company who might be interested (could I put any more hedging into a sentence?) in some blog articles on corsetry, so I have been in a whirlwind of enthusiasm writing writing writing! Yay! I workshopped some ideas today, and then wrote two suitable articles, and i shall wrte a couple more and then see if they're what the friend of a friend is looking for. So excited! I knew I was pretty passionate about corsetry, but it turns out I am REALLY passionate about corsetry! 

Big Brother
They all seem to be having fun still. I enjoyed the jungle documentary they are playing with, and they seem to be having a great time with it. Michael as the lion is funny, and his lionesses make ma laugh too. Ray the ever popular hyena gets to eat ALL THE THINGS!

Would you describe me as curious or impatient?

Throat is only a tiny bit swollen. Teensy tiny bit. *crosses fingers* however I walked to school and back and didn't need to lie down, so yay! Things are improving! Plus I had enough energy to do creative writing stuff, which actually takes a surprising amount. I forgot today was an early pickup for the kids, and bought an icecream to sit in the sun and eat while reading the new cake decorating magazine. Driving past the school I noticed an awful lot of cars ... oops! Ate the icecream in the carpark while reading the magazine... close enough! It's just such a gorgeous day today! The icecream means today is NOT the first day of a healthier eating plan LOL I will probably start on Monday. I'm still firming up my ideas on this.

Finally contacted lawyers about car accident. I was kind of avoiding that and getting stressy every time I remembered. And now it is done! Just hoping it will all be over soon. I don't want to think about this any more.


Kids had a bonus playdate today, plus I came home after the playdate and finished adding some expert advice (Thanks Kundra!) to my corset article. Gosh I feel productive! Oh and I realised school holidays must be coming up... only a few weeks away. I should maybe thinking about possibly having a plan or something. Now why would I do that??

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Oh my gosh! I missed yesterday's Ramble! To try and make up for it, I am writing today's Ramble with my full attention, ie, I'm not watching BB while I write... which means it will be longer and ramblier! How awesome! lucky are you!! great!

Monday Night Crew
I fucking NAILED that standing rib roast! OMG it was so divine! I have always had terrible luck with roast beef. I don't seem to be able to get the roasts to the right sort of done-ness for the quality, so I gave up on roast beef years ago. This was am $80 cut of meat, and I followed the instructions pretty well LOL and let it rest for half the cooking time and it just melted in the mouth. Oh my. I wanted to spoil every one a little, so we had antipasto, slowcooked smokey garlic beef ribs, sorbet, standing rib roast with asparagus in butter, cheeses and chocolate, and then icecream. Plus a couple of bottles of lovely wine. It was perfect! Well... I still would have preferred prawn cocktails for the entree LOL

Big Brother
Wow are they a bitchy bunch! So many mean things said. I feel a little bit sorry for Estelle, since every one seems to be hacking on her. I don't feel too sorry though, since it's all a construct of what BB wants to show us of what's going on in the house. I am wondering how the Resent Ray campaign is going, now that every thing is back to normal, do any of the housemates still have a vague resentment against him.

Yay, it's not number one any more! Woo! So my throat still feels a little swollen, and I'm still doing the ABs but I am feeling pretty good. Had tired moments yesterday that I wasn't expecting, but that's life. :) I am thinking of joining the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Challenge, since it's about time I cleaned up my act. Yesterday we ate lollies. Today, Jack is still feral. *sigh* My own fault. :) I had the urge to go to the gym again because I have started my gymnastic programme... hahahahaha

So I hope you're all putting your name on the meme thing! I am going to answer some of them and read others while I watch BB this morning. Yay BB! Yay memes! I should go through my archive and look for some of the old ones that were cool and kick them off again.

So, votes on doing my food diary here? Or should I stick with my old one over on A Pinch Of Health? Thoughts, people, thoughts???

Having trouble sorting out my social life LOL I am trying to sort out what I want/need from this week *and* next week, but there's just too much stuff on and also, I don't know if I will get peopled out on a certain day or time or GAH *dies* I shall hide under my rock instead, perhaps, it's all too hard. :) Someone else can make decisions for a bit.

Castleville Thoughts

Zynga have set up their own interface outside but linked into Facebook. If you log into the Zynga interface, you can help other people by clicking on their "please give me stuff" links, and they can click on yours. This is an interesting step up from Facebook, where we post to our walls and our friends can click on those links (or whine about them, whatevs) as you suddenly have access to an unlimited pool of people who are all awake at the same time as I am, playing the same game. The feed streams constantly, and every time I help someone, I also get one of that item.

The big thing that I am looking at is a helpful little window that pops up and says "You have helped 150 people! Friend them all?" with a giant OK button. Um. Why... er... sure...? And suddenly I have 350ish people accepting my friend request on Zynga, who I don't have to actually interact with, and who aren't my FB friends (and hence less whining...) and suddenly it's so much easier to ask 100 people for an item, the next hundred for something else, 50 people for ... etc etc etc. And then during the day I get literally hundreds of items sent back to me as the gift exchanged continue.

I accepted 89 requests this morning after the initial 30 something and then accepted friend requests from a couple of people and then I realised... it's a pyramid scheme based on the reciprocal gifting FB has trained us to do. My empire grows everytime I friend more people... as does theirs.

Hmm, I am not longer sure that pyramid is the right shape for this story... but the amount of crap I receive daily is expanding at a phenomal rate. Which also brings me into the bottle necks designed into the game to keep us on our toes and provide some level of difficulty...

Which I will talk about later. But oh my gosh, wow. GIANT PYRAMID SCHEME. Hmm, maybe it's more like a chain letter? But wow, I was pretty impressed when I thought of the way the scope has changed from just my FB friends to randoms across the world. There's no real sense of friendship, kinship or relationship. We just play the same game, and it seems that it's enough. Maybe I need a t-shirt that says "I clicked on your damn gift request, that's enough social interaction for today!

It turns out the pretty blue one  (that I swear was going to be the last!) was sold out in my size. *sigh* Ah well, there's always a new corset somewhere that needs buying. That's blue. And that one will be my last... for a while at least!

Have a great day, peeps!

Oh, and bonus links. I want this. Or this.

A Meme!

Sep. 10th, 2012 07:05 am
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Comment if you'd like me to fill out:

1. Tell you why I friended you. If I remember.
2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favourite userpic of yours.
8. Tell you that you must post this in your own journal.

Rule 8 is optional though, don't stress.

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Yeah, it's up here again. I seem to be getting some low level infections, which are VERY uncomfortable and annoying. Anyway, since starting this post, the entire day has passed and I have been to the doctor. He thinks it's a kidney infection, so he's given me trimethoprim. My throat is still sore/horrible and I forgot to gargle this morning, so I think it's a touch worse than it was. Apparently my tonsils are a bit enlarged. Gosh.

Phoning It In
Another really quick post today. I have been so busy, I just haven't had time to sit down and think. I have been processing a lot of stuff from all the meetings I have been having, and needing some downtime to cope. I cancelled going to the gym mostly because I just didn't want to talk for 45 minutes while on a treadmill. I could have seen Mel with a coffee, perhaps, but knowing how mentally exhausted I am, I wanted to keep my energy for lunch with Willowgypsy. And of course the doorbell rang! Dammit! :) It was Mum!

And Then She Asked...
We had a really lovely coffee, lots of laughter and I let her harrangue me about the thing she wanted to harrangue me about and then she asked if I had found out what I had said to leahcim when I rang him, and so I told her - I had been going on about how my Mum made me who I was and then Mum stole the phone or I gave it to her and she said if he ever hurt me she was going to kill him! She was mortified and said she would never be able to look him in the eye again! LOL!  I told her he thought it was sweet, and she laughed and seemed a bit less embarrassed.

Circles and Circles
I have been thinking again of drawing up my relationship diagram. Mine would be concentric rings, showing the mix of mental/physical closeness I share with my friends/family. It just seems like it might be a fun idea.

Lines and Lines and Lines and Lines!
Despite the mental exhaustion and anxieties, I have had some really lovely quality chats with some friends over the last few days. I have enjoyed all of them, and also enjoyed getting out of the house! It's so very easy for me to get so over busy that I forget everything else, and I've not been concentrating on my house (it's a mess) or my health as best I could. But I still wouldn't change anything for the world right now.

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The sore throat is still here. Trying to handle it with mouth wash etc. I am peopled out, to the point where I'm anxious and overwhelmed, and not looking forward to the train trip this afternoon. Hoping to hide under a rock tonight and will feel better soon. I have eaten something, despite the fact I don't want to, and hoping the food will help me feel less anxious.

Had a lovely time at the pubmeet last night, but it was pretty huge. Lots of people there. I had moments of exhaustion coupled with moments of hyperness, picked up from every one else. Had some nice bloody marys. It was fun though, and hoping to go more often in future.

Big Brother
Playing chess by committee is a baaaaaad idea.
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Good god, what is it with today?

Don't tell any one. I have a sore throat. :(

Dear gods, not *that* discussion again. I know people mean well, but seriously, do they think before they spout the whole "if women were more aware of their surroundings and wore decent clothes, they'd get raped less!" REALLY? I don't know any one who doesn't already do their best to keep their heads above water in rape culture. From holding your keys in your hand when walking to your car (so you can fight back better) through to any number of miniscule ways, does he REALLY think that what we wear and where we go makes that much difference? Especially when a comment or two before he completely agrees that most rapes are by acquaintances? I've asked him to stop this line of discussion, or else go away and learn more before he continues it. I hope that's enough. I don't want to delete or shut down the whole discussion as my friends have done a very good job at poking holes in his points, but this is making my Flist a little bit unsafe, which I don't like. I know a lot of my friends have different ideas and thoughts to me (which is why they are my friends!) but the one thing I need from every one is the ability to either actively listen, or just not engage. I hope he doesn't get cranky at me about it, but tough. I do wonder if I've waited too long before I said anything, but every one else seemed to be handling the discussion well. I also wanted to point out that it's not my or my friends' jobs to educate him about this sort of thing, and that there's heaps of resources on the net if he wants to try and figure out why we're arguing with him, but I didn't. Can only say so much on FB after all.

I got an interesting comment on my Random Ramble the other day. Here it is:

I don't understand why people are sending you *hugs*. You drank to excess while responsible for children. Even worse, your mother put them in the bath while she too was heavily under the influence. What if your children had suddenly become ill - or even worse. You are an adult - your problems don't matter when you have children. That's just how it is.

Well, that's true. That is just how it is. However, I expect my friends are sending me hugs because my post was more about my feelings about unexpectedly losing control. Also, I think most of my friends are aware of my control freak nature, and know that when I do usually lose control, it's in a carefully controlled situation! I am feeling unsettled and surprised and uncomfortable with what happened. That is why they are sending me hugs.

Your comments are changing the focus of my post from me to my kids, and that's OK. If you're really that worried, Dad wasn't drinking and was there with me and Mum the whole day, and my husband was also there for most of it, and he was drinking much much much less. (He had about 2 glasses of champagne, and then stopped.) Not that it's any of your business though I thank you for your concern.

Also, my problems aren't your concern either, this is my blog. It's biased, one sided, self absorbed, and mine. If my children suddenly become ill, then depending on the nature of the problem, we will respond as we see fit. Dad is more than capable of making decisions when Mum is unwell, and all the other adults in our life are also more than capable of ensuring I, and my children, survive their childhood.

Also, I sometimes need to experience something before I actually learn from it. I don't know why you think the words "I have never had a three hour black out before" equates to "I totally drink to excess all the time and I blacked out once again for a solid three hour block!" but I hope my response has answered all your concerns.

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Let There Be Chocolate!
Mercy mission to visit Tiki today, taking along a block of chocolate for her :) Had a great chance to chat and catch up and drink coffee, and play with her kids who are still cute and interesting. Read some books, patted some dinosaurs and loved some cats. Yay visit to Tiki!

No longer the number one topic! Yay! Will even hit the gym on Friday! Yay me! I'm feeling much much better and much much happier <3 Had a lovely Monday night last night and now my nails are pretty blues! Here's a picture!

Big Brother
I am enjoying the two household thing. *rubs hands together with glee* it's quite evil and I love it. It's really upset some of the housemates, and I love the uncertainty it's given them. Hope they have lots of fun being tortured!

J's a bit snuggly today so I have been sitting on the couch and crocheting while he plays on the wii. Crash Mind Over Mutant was a bit annoying. I'm having such a lovely quiet day today, and tomorrow night I get to go out! So excited! I don't want to crochet anything exciting, so I am just making a gigantic granny square. I may have lost my favourite hook, I last had it at the Geek Haven but I haven't don't any crochet that I can remember since then. I'm sure it will turn up.

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I expect I would feel a lot better if I hadn't gotten so terribly, terribly drunk yesterday with my mother. :( Oh my, I have never had a three hour black out before. I have no idea what I did from about 4:00ish onwards. My memories for that time total a) hearing leachim's voice on my phone b) asking for a bowl and then being sick, and c) going to bed. I think I may be slightly alcohol poisoned, which is quite different from seedy. I don't like the fact I don't remember all that time. I just ceased to exist. Who was running my body? What did I do? What did I say? Was I still me? Is every one still talking to me? How did this happen? :( And what's also scary is that Mum was blacked out for about the same amount of time too. She also rang someone and had a conversation with them that she can't remember. She also can't remember putting the kids through the bath and getting them dressed and etc. All over, yesterday was quite terrifying and I shall do my best to pretend it never happened. :(

I need 'em. Will have to wait.

Big Brother
I watched Ryan's interviews the other day, and he had way more personality in those interviews than he did in the house. Poor guy, coming on stage and being shown footage of the other housemates calling him boring and stupid. :( I thought that was a bit unfair. I didn't mind Ryan too much, sure he's not someone I'd have had a lot in common with, but he didn't seem very offensive, just young, and he seemed quite sweet. Yay Ben's still in there though! Love ya Ben!

I'm interested to see what they do with the 'second house' thing. :) They certainly got some reactions!

J is sick now :( off to the drs with him today. He was up with ear aches all last night, and ear infections are definitely the sort of thign that will account for the 'sick one day, fine the next, sick the day after, fine for a bit' health he has been having. V seems to be fine and is at school right now. Chesh has started his old new job again and is happy. :)

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Health and (In)dependance
Yay! Getting there! Had a bit of a moment last night where I ended up in tears because the things I *want* to do I'm still just not physically capable of doing. This is pretty much par for the course by now, and then I cried a bit more as I remembered I have been really sick for fourteen days. That's a hefty chunk of time, and it stands to reason that it's going to take some time to get back to full strength. Anyway, it was a minor weep and Chesh patted me and offered useful suggestions (damn logic! Always full of answers...) I'm missing my independance right now. I forgot that having one car works fine for us... for a while... and that after about six months or so I get cranky with it and start missing my independance. I can either rework the independance issue in my head so it goes away, or we can just buy a second car again. Shelving this issue for later, I think. Even if we looked at getting a second car, we've been wanting to get a bigger and newer car, so we need to wait until the windows have been paid off (November) and then consider buying/getting a loan/look at finances later.

Children Littered About The Place
Both kids home today. J woke up twice and got Chesh both times, and by the third time Chesh was tired and exhausted and cranky and stressy, so I got the vomit. :) I didn't mind so much but poor J was so upset and in the end I put a mattress on his floor and slept in his room with him. Poor honey. Of course, now I am achey and sore from sleeping on the floor... I knew that was going happen. Vin's temperature spiked last night, and was still high this morning. He was much more listless than the other day, so he's spent all day on the couch except for when we all had naps this afternoon. I had a nap too! I must have just passed out, I barely remember evem getting into bed, and then I woke up and my feet were toasty warm. The one big problem I have with naps is that my feet never seem to get warm. That they did today makes me worry I am getting sick again. :(

Chesh has finished his job...
and moved onto the new one. Yay! Here's hoping things will now be stable for the next 3 - 5 years! I have any projects to start work on now LOL and I still need to make some firm decisions about travelling over the next few years. Of course, I still can't really do that until things *are* stable, rather than just me wishing intently for it. I had a chat last night with one of the local mums, and she was saying her partner pulls in less than 20K per annum. Wow, that would be hard :( He also wouldn't let her work at night because he doesn't want to baby sit and other odd little quirks. People are strange.

Most of my friends seem to think Clink Easton's just shot all his credibility out the window. Rachel Maddow's response was particularly amusing. She was properly speechless. I tried to watch the footage but I think my brain refused. I don't really know; I tried about two or three times, but for some reason I still haven't seen it... But from all the articles I read, it shoulds like Eastwood was trying for some theatre and it's backfired on him, and from what I read it sounds to me like Eastwood was ... I dunno, indelicate? Silly? About it? I mean, if you're going to pretend that someone's on stage with you, shouldn't you pretend the person is in character? Apparently Eastwood was acting like the invisible Obama was swearing at him and stuff, and seriously dude, Obama is a great speaker and I have never heard about him swearing incoherently. So by creating this invisible Obama as a swearing incoherent sockpuppet, I think he's missed the mark in what he was trying to do. Anyway, since I didn't even watch the footage, I should stop meandering about and move on to...

Obama Broke Reddit
Good on him LOL I found out afterwards, but I'm watching the discussion spread out. I think well done on him, and it serves Reddit right that it melted their servers LOL but then who could possibly be prepared for the POTUS popping into Reddit for 30 minutes to answer a few questions? Well done on the marketing and PR side, and well done Obama. As always the whinging is rising to drown the discussion, but what's politics without a good whine? Pointless, of course :)

My House is Full of Junk Food
So my big Coles order arrived today, and it was indeed full of junk food LOL but the highlight was definitely talkign to the delivery person. She was really lovely, she walked in and saw Sarah's artwork on the wall and loved them! Then we talked books, art, home schooling, education, ecosystems, more books, school, food poisoning, zombies... and all this in ten mintes while we unloaded all my stuff. She was so lovely! Hope I get her next time too.
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Yay I am starting to get better! My eyes are starting to clear up, and I'm starting to have a list of things I'd like to do (shopping, lunch, coffee..) that far outstrips my ability to get out of bed. I did get up and get the kids to school and washed my hair and even put on lipstick! I'm still coughing and spluttering and on antibiotics and all that, but yay! The end is nigh! Things almost taste normal again! Yay!

Big Brother
Stacey is awesome and totally has to win. Unless they find some way to kneecap her, she is way too popular, too much fun, too creative and just too gosh darned happy to not win. Yay Stacey! She totally deserves everything BB can give her LOL I love the way she is taking this whole BB experience and just running with it. Awesome. :) Oops, I just gave Ray the finger. Women - they'e emotional people. Ray, you're a *insert expletive here* . :p OMG Stacey is going to have a f*cking ball with this Ryan Gosling cutout.

Oops... I did my monthly shop yesterday. Maybe I should have waited a little longer, but I needed to get it done so they would deliver the champagne before Saturday... so yesterday it was. I think I went a bit overboard. I usually spend about $250 - $300 on the basic monthly shop, whereas yesterday's... came in at $450... I bought wine and champagne and THINGS IN JARS and THINGS IN TINS and OMG THE CONDIMENTS THE CONDIMENTS!!! I bought hollandaise sauce, bernaise sauce, horse radish sauce, two types of mayo, three? four salad dressings... OMG THE CONDIMENTS! And I still can't even remember exactly what I bought. There was not enough chocolate though. I am pretty sure about that! I even bought preprepared food! Pizza and a frozen lasagne!

Now all I need is the meat and vegies... :D

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See yesterday. :( My head still feels like it is under a serious amount of pressure, so my sinuses are probably all stuffed up. I am so tired! I had to ask Mel to come and babysit V when I took J into school this morning, and then V woke up between Mel getting here! Ah well, these things happen, did get to have coffee with M which was lovely, haven't seen her in 2 weeks and I have been flat on my back for most of that time. She has been busy with work and family. :) My head keeps spinning.

I made them! So much for my attempts to get back onto the no-wheat and no-sugar trail. Will do some detoxing later I guess. Made Mel promise to wait for me, so we will detox and get back into the gym again together.

Big Brother
Boy, the boys are having much harder time getting over the nominations! Ryan is doing really well but Brattley and Ben are all taking it to heart LOL

I have a new shampoo and conditioner. Hope I like it! It's the same brand as the shiny stuff I use, so hoping it's all going to go well.

Can I Nap yet?




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Still convalescening. Had been feeling usually calm, which I have been enjoying. Usually by now I get to a certain point of health where my ability to do stuff is not as good as my desire to do stuff, and I get very frustrated and hell cranky. The calmness was new. I rather liked it. I can see feel it, it's still close to me... but now I have this massive pressure in my head, my eyes are still fucked, and the crankiness is not too deep underneath at all...

I Got Permission to Leave the House! Yay!
Highly amused, I was being facetious on FB, but every one seemed to think I was being positive and lovely LOL. I think people obviously think I am a lovely and positive person. Even when I am trying to be a bitch, people are just assuming I'm being funny. I kind of like that, but it does take away any teeth I might have... LOL

I think I Need Some Serious Mope Time
Time to tune into my iPhone, play some Covenant and stare wistfully out the window pretending to be a goff. I almost bought a black lipstick today! Eh, Maybe I can do all of the above and stare wistfully out the window while wearing plum coloured lipstick. Not terribly gothy, but still, pretty might work for me. These work shirts and jeans/trakky dacks may be comfy while working and sick, but they're not very good soul food.

I wish they would start working properly soon. If I could *think* the fluid out of them, then I would. But it doesn't quite work that way. Just hope that it never does any permanent damage! I kind of like being able to see normally as it is!

People Make Sarah Ranty!
This morning someone posted some shit thing which slammed off at my demographic, and you know what? I'm kind of tired of it. I know I'm white lowerclass stay at home parent, and you know what? every one has their own fucking cross to bear. I'm so fucking tired of bending over backwards to not offend or annoy other demographics, and you know, you can fucking return the courtesy. And if any one dares say "Oh but what about blah blah blah" I don't care. This is a rant, and I will delete your comment. You can substitute any demographic you like, we all feel this way at some point. I still work fucking HARD for every thing in my life.

Big Brother
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad enough we lost Charne, all the people I like go first! Probably because they question every one else and "make them uncomfortable" LOL and oh boy is Brattley up for a steep learning curve when he gets out and sees what every one thinks of him. Sink or swim dude, you're sinking here!

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Yeah, still getting there. I believe this is called the convalescing phase, where I'm not sick but I'm weak as a kitten. I'm a bit shakey right now, have sucked down some coffee and sugar in the form of cake to try and balance myself out, but I finally left the house for more than a child pickup/delivery run. Now I need to sit quietly for the rest of the day! My eye blisters have come back, so I'm having a bit of trouble seeing. :(

Darn, I had a few interestign topics lined up and now I can't remember anything other than how warm and fluffy and comforting my bed is... mmmmmm :)

OH MY GOD FEED BY MIRA GRANT IS BRILLIANT. I love love love this book. I can not stress enough how much I love love love this book. OMG the relationships! The zombies! The action! The characters! *GAH!* Anyway, I read all three books this weekend. I need a cigarette and a massage, stat. I'm still a bit jumpy when I see things moving in my peripheral vision...
I loved the intensity of the relationships between the people in the stories, I guessin a way it reminds me of me and mine.

Rough notes for later thought - how relationships for me and mine are different from the traditional forms of relationships, and how much that is reflected or allowed by the constant access that modern technology provides to our people. Just a note that we've never had such easy access to so many people before, and I use these mediums to create a depth and quality to my relationships that just couldn't be maintained without them.

Big Brother
I am just watching the ecivtion nights show now, and watching the footage where they ate holding Ryan's birthday party. I think it's really lovely and sweet that BB crew took the time to tailor the party to match him, and I know people probably think he's a bit of a self absorbed git (and I'm not denying that, but...) I really think it's gorgeous that BB has set up this party to showcase Ryan's greatest asset, his beauty. I don't know, it's not often we get to celebrate one particular aspect that people have spent time honing and developing, and I sort of expected he would get more flack than BB has given him.

BB Kitchen Special (I wish!)
I wish BB would release the details on the running of the house. I want to know what they get given (15 kilos of lentils and ten kilos of brown rice... plus....? $5 luxury per head....) and what they buy and how much BB is charging and how much they eat and what they cook and who does the cooking and OMG I would totally want to see an entire thread on just kitchen related stuff LOL

So exhausted I could just cry
I think the titled covered this bit! I don't think the sugar and coffee helped as much as I hoped.

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Still sick!
But I am now on a merry roundabout of drugs, with antibiotics and steroids thrown in for good measure. Plus the brycanil as needed. Wheeee! I do feel better already, so pleased! Plus last night I addressed my lower back pains with a heat pack, some gentle back excersizes, and a massage, and OMG it worked! First time ever! With all the drugs kicking in I had three blissful painfree hours where I could breath and not hurt at the same time! Awesome! I don't *think* I slept though, I just sort of dozed and enjoyed. I knew exactly when something wore off; I started coughing and I started getting muscle spasms again. Brycanil seemed to fix it though, and this time I actually slept deeply and well until morning.

I had important things to say. I can't remember what they were.
Yeah. No. Not terribly important LOL but I still can't remember what they were. I have been enjoying FEED by Mira Grant, though I have to be at a certain level of awareness to do so. Enjoying the mix of tech, blogging, writing, and zombies. Yay zombies! My plan for the day is some cleaning in ten minute bursts interspersed with much lying around and sleeping or reading. At some point I will shower and wash my hair. I have such high ambitions. Realistic, perhaps, might be a better word. :)

Unicorns in Castleville
I know I have been sick for the entire time that we've had this quest but I'm confused. People are partnering with me to inspire unicorns, awesome. But how do I go and inspire their unicorns for them? I could read a FAQ but where would the whining be in that?

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Still sick. Any one surprised? However the flu is finally retreating, but leaving in it's wake an allergy to the cold and flu tablets I was taking, a very messy period, problems breathing, a sore throat, a dreadful cough and runny nose. I so sexy! So over all I am feeling *better* but each of the smaller things is taking its toll, and I had a melt down this morning when I couldn't breathe without coughing for about half an hour. I tried all sorts of things but in the end a hot shower for an awfully long time worked, which didn't fit in with my plans to try and catch up on some of last night's sleep. So now I have an appointment to meet the new Dr at our clinic. I hope he's nice, I am rather leery of doctors. Every one says to look aftermyself, and I am trying, but of course it has to come after I look after every one else first... and it's just a bad luck conjunction of stuff that meant John couln't stay home to look after me this week.

Other Stuff
There's other stuff? Really? Hmmm. My house is a mess, both kids are at school, and I have been really really sick. I got nothing beyond that!

Vulnerability isn't comfortable but it is a necessity. People think I am strong (and sometimes I agree with them LOL) but when I have to be vulnerable it can be a problem because I can't articulate what I need well. I have times when i can't talk, other times where I can talk but just nothing complex, and times when I need to lie still and not move but things still have to be done and it's easier that I just do it than try to wade throgh obligations and manners and ask for someone else to do it. But sometimes I just fall into a heap and need some one to cry on. And that's the important thing for me, I think. To occasionally let myself give in to the wild abandon of just saying "fuck it all, I don't care" for a little while. Though when you're crying and there's a worrying wheeze when you can't breathe... this may not be the best way to handle the not coping LOL Here's the lovely Brene Brown to talk about vulnerabilty.

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Still sick. But finally getting better. 

I gotta close some links!
David Hasselhoff is attempting to tour Australia again. Makes me wonder what happened last time! 
Yet another article about sexual assault and sexualisation of female characters in games. Quote from the article: Let this be clear. This is rape. It is not okay because “it’s a hot asian chick”. The game took my character, which is the only thing I control about this game and forced some very big changes on to it. I didn’t want to have to think about my character as a sexual being. It was going to cast magic spells, fight tentacle monsters and put the restless dead back in their graves. Sex was never on the cards; why should it be?
Red Card/Yellow Cards to help warn people when they are being very creepy or mildly creepy at conventions. Ferret talks about rules and expectations in relationships, and then we talk about racist books for a while. A friend did some liveblogging from the RWA convention this year last weekend. 31 ways to find new readers outside my network! Refined Coconut oil vs Unrefined coconut oil. University of Reddit. Mermaids are hot.

Not too many links for a change, yay!

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Still Sick
Pouts. Today has been the worst yet - ibuprofen plus panadol before I could really cope with the muscle aches and pains. And a lot of sleeping. Lots of sleeping. And staring blankly at things. Lots of people are sick at the moment. :( I just took some ibuprofen again, which is probably a good thing as some of my aches are starting to come back. Why does the coffee hurt my throat? WHYYYYYYY?

I have so many exciting things I want to do! But I am too tired. And my muscles are too sore. And I feel too unwell. I shall just write down the ideas and play with them later. Today is a day for shelving all that sort of thing and just trying to maintain decent humours and get better. My balance is out though, with being sick and being away from my loves, so things are bubbling away but there's issues actually *doing* anything. And while ideas are great, I want to get out and do stuff!

Big Brother
Blah blah blah, I was sick so it was hard to watch... or something. I don't know, it's just not filling me with excitement yet. I will keep watching though, it's nice to have something warm and comfy to fall back into. Just like Reddit, really...

And Castleville
Noooooo, Torikh WHY did you join up?? I would have told you to avoid this one! :)

Missing my loves
It's been too long since I saw everyone. And it's the longest time apart from someone in particular in almost 5 months. Good thing I am too sick to mope much? :) Haven't had the full Monday night crew over in ages and ages. Get well soon Torikh! And us... and every one else. M and K are back on Perth soil, so hoping to catch up with them again soon. :)

Linked In
I accidentally let Linked-In go through my entire Gmail contacts list. So, um, I'm getting four or five (or more) acceptances every day as people log in and go "Sure!" and click on accept. Interesting. I am tempted to post in there saying I am looking for work, but then someone might actually give me some and right now I will just chuck it onto the 'too hard' pile and sort if out later.

Did I mention I finished the Jeff Goins blogging course? That was actually very cool, and I think I might go through it all again. I learnt a fair bit, and it's kind of honed some of my ideas about blogging and things that I want to do. Plus I am going through the Goddess Leonie stuff again, and that's also really interesting and giving me even more wild ideas to do stuff. Now if only I wasn't sick! I got up last night cos I couldn't sleep so I wrote down some ideas, whinged on FB and then went back to bed. This should amuse a lot of you - I am actually trying this new method of doing things! Called "DOING WHAT I AM TOLD TO DO!"

Loving Things
One of our cups has been broken, and it's made both Husbandly One and I very sad. It was from B1 from when he was in kindy, has one of his drawing printed on it, and now it's broken. :( At least we still have B1 to make us smile instead.


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