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- Posting the recipes for the Femmeconne food didn't seem to have done what I wanted it to do, so, I'm not going to do cooking this year.

- Femmeconne will be $90. I will provide tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milks and fruit. The rest is every one else's problem. :-)

- Percon is back in the cards. Yes, again. This time, scaling RIGHT down. It's exciting! 

- Wondering what the camp owners will say when I ask if I can hire a spa for the weekend for Femmeconne. What does every one else say?
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For those of you who don't know, [profile] babalon_93 and I run a women's camp in September called Femmeconne. This is our third Femmeconne, and I am completely excited already LOL

This is a women's space where children are welcome to come along. Otherwise, it's a space where we get to run away form our lives for a while and hide in a picturesque valley, close enough we can come home for emergencies and far enough away to pretend we're on our own. I can promise a great weekend of food, fun, learning and challenges. We don't have a theme but we take suggestions for the programme, and the programme is put together by the extremely talented [profile] babalon_93.

The whole weekend is only $120, and runs from 5pm the Friday to about 6ish on the Sunday. You don't have to stay all that time, of course! We're close enough to go home at night if you like. So if you'd like to come and have a great time, then start thinking now! I'm happy to take part payments or full payments. I've already put down the deposit so there's no going back now!
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Next year's dates are 19th, 20th, and 21st of September, and price will be either $110 again, or $120.


Tomorrow, a real update including an update on my physical issues!
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Now I need people to put their money where their mouths are! We need to raise $500 before the 9th of April to cover the deposit. If we don't cover the deposit, then we'll probably cancel the booking and refund any money forwarded to Sarah or myself. If we get close, then we'll see what happens.

So.... I am pleased to annouce... FEMMECONNE!

For a mere $85, you will get:

2 nights accomodation
2 main dinners
2 breakfasts
2 lunches

Plus..... A fun weekend of talking, chatting, sleeping, eating, drinking, cooking, discussion, relaxation, painting, music, noise, children, demonstrations, napping, laughing, showering, cooking, reading, learning, loudness, quietness, and fun!

We have booked for the 8th and 9th of September, 4:00 onwards. Children are welcome, but you do need to let us know how many! Every one will also need to let us know any dietary requirements they might have. If you feel like leading a bunch of people in cooking muffins or bikkies, or showing how to so anything the hell you feel like, or want to talk about something you know lots about, please also let us know!

I forgot to mention - we're going to the beautiful Bickley Brook campsite, just behind Maddington.
There's a gorgeous lake and some fantastic scenery, and it's not very far from perth at all!

Well, I'll be coming, so I guess we only need to raise another $415!! So who's going to be next? Email me!! If you're in a hurry though, my banking details are located on my user profile. You will need to email me anyway so I can a) send you a receipt, and b) know who the hell the money is from and c) know what it is for!!

Email is the best way to contact me, but otherwise my mobile number is 0414 762 904.

I will have membership forms for every one to fill out ASAP.


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