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Roman Pan Fried Lamb
Chesh cooked this! Awesome! Just delightful. Full and intense flavours with lots of layers. Lamb was cooked to perfection and suited the mashed potato superbly. Definitely do again, especially since we forgot to get photos cos it was so yummy and we were so hungry!

Potato Pizza Base
I think I stuffed this one a bit, as it called for mashed potato, so I use the leftovers from last night's mashed potato. Except that when you have left overs, it's already got milk and butter already in it, so I think it threw out the proportions too much. I'll have to do it again to see. We did like it, though it came out like a very thin slice of gnocci with pizza sauce and cheese on top. We didn't put any more toppings on that one as the tomato sauce had a lot of flavours and I wanted to see what the base was like. It didn't get crispy, and was very limp, but yummy. And solid. VERY solid.

Special Tomato Sauce
Frying pan tomato sauce with onion, capsicum, garlic, sugar, salt, herbs, simmered into thickness. Lovely. Very very nice indeed.

No photos cos... well, every one has seen homemade pizza. And I didn't think of it in time!
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Name of Cuisine:


Dining Experience:

Lots of very solid, very yummy food. Stories of proper Italian dinners involving multiple courses and a fish course, a pasta course, a beef course, a chicken course....Lots of lovely desserts too, the most famous of which is tiramisu. Italian (to me) is very much a home food. Every one has their own version of Spaghetti Bolognese (also known as SpagBol, SpagBog, Bog) and Lasagne. Chesh and I are planning to make lasagne a family event, from making the pasta through to the final product. We think it will be a fun activity to do with *every one*.  All the pastas mentioned below I expect to make by hand with Vinnie's assistance.

Customs and Notes:

Food is a very group and/or family affair. The care and love shown from growing the produce through to group processing and cooking and consumption is very much a tie in of food and love.

Recipes: (10 recipes)

1) Pizza with potato dough base and special tomato sauce
2) Roman Pan-fried Lamb
3) Gnocchi Romana
4) Pasta carbonara
5) Pasta Marinara
6) Lasagne
7) Parma-wrapped chicken stuffed with herbed garlic cheese
8) vegetarian Bean and Pasta Casserole
9) pancooked chicken with artichokes
10) Pumpkin and spinach cannelloni
11) Chicken (paprika) casserole

Main Ingredients I need to obtain (excluding meats):

General Ingredients
AnchoviesOlives (green)Olives (black)
Parma HamGruyereParmesan
PasataSoft Cheese with herbs and garlicPasta Sauce
OnionCrushed Tinned tomatoesArtichoke Hearts
Cannelini Beans  

Resources (Books/Blogs/Etc)
This is the book I am using:
Italian - over 180 tantalising recipes
The funny thing about this book is that I tried to give it away! I didn't like the formatting or the recipes, but Chesh said he did, and would mark some things he liked to try. So, it's now going to be my main reference for this month.
Also, an old favourite might have few entries/.

Livejournal Posts
Roman Panfried Lamb and Potato Base Pizza with Special Tomato Sauce

Other notes... Japanese month was a complete flop. I was sick for three weeks out of four, and we did a couple of recipes, but not the whole array I had planned. I'll tackle Japanese again later, probably in a warmer month. I want to explore cold noodle soups and salads more!
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However I only took pics of the Pizzas.

Mini Turkish Pizzas, Hummus, and Loobia-Vegies )

Notes: Were very good! The hummus was great, tastes so much better when made at home. I made it last night, let the flavours settle overnight and was eating it all day long. Good stuff, but I have some ideas for next time I make it. The minipizzas had a yoghurt dough base. The liquid comes from 50 mLs of water, and the rest is all yoghurt. Great base, just lovely, and the topping is smeared on raw and it all works just beautifully. The vegetables were just as good cold as they were last night for dinner hot!
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Garlic and Lemon Chicken with Tomato Pilaf and Mother's Birthday Cake )

Notes: The garlic and lemon chicken was lovely! I oven baked marylands rather than doing wings like in the recipe, but next time will go with wings. The skin really took on the flavours of the marinade, and it was crisp and juicy. The tomato pilaf was pretty good too, and was unusual in that in the recipe you start with 500gs of tomatoes, blend them, and then add a few bits and pieces, and use that as the water for the rice. I cheated and used a tin of tomatoes which I then blended.

The vegetable dish for the night was a lot like loobia, except it had carrots, and chickpeas. I cooked up some chick peas and made hummus for tomorrow night, and froze the rest to help me get into using them more in cooking. I want to use more legumes etc, so I have to start somewhere!
The chick peas were yummier than from a can. Weird. :-)
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I am starting my monthly meal plan for next month. The second most popular item on my food poll was Japanese, so Japanese will be the theme of next month.

If you have any suggestions or hints for me to think about, post them here!
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Chicken and Onion Pie, Sweet Potato Salad and Couscous and My Secret )

Notes: I can not stress enough how much Chesh loves that sweet potato salad. I think it is the preserved lemon. I did not do the egg yolk wash on the philo as recommended, but it was good anyway. Dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon as per recipe. :-) It was all really really good! Again!
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Meat Cigars, cold Aubergine with Tomatoes and Chickpeas, and Cucumber and Yoghurt Salad )

Notes: This was the first time I have used filo pastry and it was much easier than expected. Only problems were little hands wanting to help. He seems to like eating all pastries raw. The meat cigars were astonishingly morish, and I did make a LOT of them even though I only used 500gs of mince rather than the full 750 as per the recipe. The cucumber salad is basically tzadziki with half-moon cucumbers instead of grated. I liked the aubergine with tomato and chick peas better cold than I did warm!

The nashi with sweet cream cheese is fantastic. I had a quarter of a pack of cream cheese left, so warmed it to be able to beat it in the microwave, added maybe a scant tablespoon of caster sugar, about two drops of vanilla and beat it all up and smeared it around and added very finely chopped nashi. The denuding of the nashis was an effort in itself. I was going to make nashi pie, but they're the size of GOLF BALLS. Once I had done six, I cut one in half and discovered they are also mostly core. *sigh* And then V would run off with one to eat it. Then come back for more. The little parcels were much easier. :-)
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A kind of simple dinner tonight, two types of sausages with corn, and Aubergines with Tomato and Chickpeas. It was my first time to use the pomegranite molasses. One and a half tablespoons did indeed flavour the entire dish. It was lovely. It wouldn't make it to my favourites list yet, but was good, and probably will make for a shared meal one night.

Bad photos of dinner. Enjoy! )
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I think I read somewhere about everything being served on one big plate and against mounds of pilaf or couscous, so I thought I would give it a try. In the end though, we thought Vinnie might not like it and opted out for now, so this was served as it was and we all had our own plates. The chicken turned out AWESOME!! A real win! And the loobia also turned out to be a real win! The loobia came from Barbara at Tigers and Strawberries and the chicken is from Arabesque.

Chicken with Caramelized Onions and Honey, Loobia and Pilaf )
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Name of Cuisine:


Dining Experience:

Mostly sitting on cushions on the floor with a low table in the middle. Starters or appetizers, main course, and desserts. Drinks often yoghurt based. Usually men eat together, no mention of what women do. Gossip in the kitchen I guess. :-/ (Incomplete entry)

Customs and Notes:

Recipes: (10 recipes)

1 - Loobia (beans in tomatoes and onions)
2 - Turkish style kebabs (toasted pita bread, a tomato sauce, natural yoghurt sauce and beef or lamb mince kebabs with sumac sprinkle)
3 - Chicken honey tagine
4 - Lamb stew with egg and lemon sauce
5 - Chicken with dates
6 - Mini turkish pizzas
7 - Baked kibbeh with onion and pine nut topping
8 - Lamb chermoula
9 - Stuffed courgettes in tomato sauce
10 - Grilled chicken wings with lemon and garlic
11 - chicken pie with onions and sumac
12 - Aubergines with Tomato and Chickpeas
13 - Meat Cigars
14 - Cucumber and Yoghurt Salad
15 - Sweet Potato Salad
16 - Hummus

Main Ingredients I need to obtain (excluding meats):

General Ingredients
YoghurtPine NutsBurghar
eggplantlemonspring onions
WalnutsFilo PastryCinnamon
chick peaspomegranite molassesvine leaves

Resources (Books/Blogs/Shops):
Arabesque by Claudia Roden

Livejournal Posts:
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The plan for this month is located here. Tonight's meal was all prepared within an hour, though I did have help from [ profile] mynxii, [ profile] cheshirenoir, and The Big V. I am extremely pleased. It worked out fast, and really well! It was lovely to be able to present a beautifully laid out meal. It looks like a mess afterwards though!!

Dinnah! )


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