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Tonight we had chicken and mango stir-fry, which came together really well. The perfectionist in me says I could have done better on the stir-fry, but it was good. And I'm right; I could have done better. LOL 

So. The chicken ... went on and on and on....

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The size 20 chicken ended up as...

- Roast for 2 adults
- four adult sandwiches
- four litres of soup
- chicken casserole
- chicken and mango stirfry.
- six x 100 mL stock cubes

I kind of feel like I didn't do a lot of cooking this week, too. Odd.
So, the chicken cost $16, I used half a tin of mangoes and stuff like that. If we include the soup as a family sized meal each litre, we ended up with 8ish meals... I will admit, I was worried about some of the portioning, but it all seemed to work. And we didn't feel hard done y or anything like that, we were definitely full up. We made crispy fritters using a pancakey type batter for the veggies with the casserole, and V ate some of it! Without us making him LOL

I was amazed at the chicken flesh I got off the stock. I was even more amazed when I realised I didn't use the leg bones or wing bones.

My next chicken is a 23 rather than a 20, so I wonder how that will make things. And it cost me $12 anyway. :-) Next week I make up my own rubber chicken deal with an asian influence. Yum!
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Rubber Chicken Thoup Rubber Chicken Thoup

Four one litre tubs of rubber chicken thoup

Four appropriately dated and labelled tubs of rubber chicken thoup.
New Freezer Management System New Freezer Management System

I wrote this up in a frenzy of enthusiasm. Then I made a mistake, went and got a wipe, and rubbed out the mistake. Discovered I have made a clean spot. Seriously. A real, actual clean spot. Have now wiped the freezer clear and re-drawn it up, this time in sections. Meat, Vegetables, and Pre-prepared

So, the size 20 chicken has done... roasted chicken, a LOT of soup, six 100mL stock cubes, four adult chicken sandwiches, and tonight we had casserole made with a half a tin of condensed chicken soup, a little bit of sweet potato, and breadcrumb topping. Served with fritters made of various roasted vegies from the last 2 days. And there's just enough left over for a stirfry dinner for two if I was feeling enthused. But I might use it to make a chicken rice dish for lunch tomorrow, and sneak some vegies into it. :-)  We'll see.

If you want to see how Calli's garden grows, check it out!

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Here is a four meal rubber chicken...

Most people do it for three meals, so I am impressed with four. So, I thought I would try it out too, cos I am curious about these sorts of things.

So last night we had roast chicken. Unfortunately I slept too long, started it at 5, and despite following instructions it took 3 hours to cook, not two. So, V and J had other things for dinner, and it was just me and Chesh. But it was nice. I usually cook chickens in the microwave, so I am used to them being much more incredibly juicy, but it was good. I also ended up with a HUGE amount of gravy.

I put the bones in the slowcooker with some mire poix and some lamb fatty offcuts I had been saving to make soup with, and it's been cooking now since last night. I will sort that out in a bit, and get the soup going.

So, the chicken used for this cost $16 (I think) yeah, it was expensive, but it was delivered and etc, and at that point during the month I needed it done that way. I bought a chicken today at size 23 for $12, which is much more my thing. That's for next weeks' experiment which will be Asian rubber chicken, and I will be making it up as I go along.

I have now sorted the meat and bones, discarded the veg and bones. I put the stock in the fridge and scraped off the oil when I could. I have now chopped up some fresh vegies and put in a soup pack of pulses and grains, added some salt and a bit of vegeta. So, one crockpot full of thoup merrily cooking away.

I have also got 6 x 100mL icecubes of unsalted stock in the freezer.

So... today's shop...Woolies; $51, Petrol $30, Cat bikkies $28.
French Loaf - $3.

Edited to add: (18th November)
Chicken has now gone through four adult sized sandwiches, 4 family sized servings (and that's adult family servings) of soup, and tonight we have casserole. I will freeze any left overs for the stir fry, which might end up being sweet and sour.


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