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OMG how long has it been since I posted? You all know I only come here when I have time, right?? So.. have been a tad busy.

So, a bit of a run down for those who are curious.

I got a job! I can't remember if I posted here to mention that. I am now working for iiBorg, provisioning telephones and internet at a place near you. This week, i have dreamed about work every night. Last night, I dreamt about connecting phone lines, adsl, being on a headset and being on calls several times. In different dreams. *sigh*

So, my typical day looks a lot like this:

6:10 we get out of bed and I shower while john makes coffee and breakfast. I am having problems with food right now, so I eat as much as I can of one egg and a slice of bacon, and drink my coffee while brushing hair/getting dressed/trying to be presentable. If I have time, I will play about 5 minutes of farmville, but only if someone else has already turned on the PC. I just don't bother if the PC is not already on.

7:00 we drive me to the train, and I catch the train to Subi.

On the train, I check FB and this week, I rang people. Wow, me using the phone! Voluntarily! For longer than five seconds! Wow! I have been driven by desperation - time crunched and half my friends all moving to Melbourne... so yeah. I am learning to use the phone. And learning to use my phone credit LOL

8:10ish I am at work for an 8:30 start. I take calls and do tasks. I get one 15 minute break, one 30 minute lunch, and one 10 minute break. Finish at 5:00 and walk back to the train station and catch the train home. John catches up with me in Perth and we train home together.I check FB and he plays Civilisation.

6:00ish we get home, and on Mondays we still have our Family nights with willowgypsy and leachim. Willow picks up the kids from school and cooks us dinner, so I walk through to door to a loving family, which is just ... *awesome*. Tuesday Mum has the kids and it's just the four of us for dinner, and then Wednesday we have Doctor Who night, and leachim often walks through the door at the same time as we do, or else about ten minutes later. Thursdays it's usually just four of us, and Friday is Daycare day, and every couple of weeks I go out with leachim. Chesh goes to Artifactory most Wednesday nights except for once a month when it's Polymeet night, and I go to Polymeets.

Weekends are often spent trying to catch up. Throwing in Swancon and other stuff, we have been hell busy. Now Swancon is over, I am concentrating on my home life more. I am trying to retrain Vin's sleep habits so he stops getting outof bed five times and not sleeping until 9:30, and we have had some wins there - he is often asleep before 8:00 this week - yay!

He's been having 'sads' which i think have been a combination of a number of factors - lactose buildup when he is intolerant (an experiment gone wrong, really), low iron, sleep deprivation, and the changes going on around here. They are completely terrifying for me. It's sucha struggle, and I struggle with me, and my self, to do the best thing in his interest and mine. I want to scream and shout and make him stop, but I don't want to be that person, so I struggle and just try to be there for him while he's screaming at me to go away. It's a bit of a mess but the severity is dropping, to the point where I think the food and sleep is starting to have a good effect and it's more of a tantrum than a full on emotional storm. I have hopes that there will be no sad this weekend - they seem to happen a lot at five seconds to dinner time on Sunday nights.

The changes with working the re-distribution of my stresses has actually been going really well. There were going to be changes of course, but I was wondering if they would be difficult to incorporate mentally. It is odd and I miss the kids and my old life a lot, but at the same time, I get paid! And I'm not as exhausted as I thought I would be - I still walk outof there with the urge to create and play with colour and write. I just don't have much un-allocated time, and I am getting used to using what un-allocated time I do have. It's only been a couple of months, and it usually takes about 6 for things to really sort itself out. Then I am sure I will get back into editing/writing. It's so awesome to still have the urge, even if I don't get to actually *do* much. Painting my nails is both a creative outlet and some self care that brings me joy. :) I get to play with colours! And buying mini OPIs is my new hobby, and I am rather loving it.

Swancon was really lovely. I wanted a quiet con where I could just enjoy it, and not "work," and that happened. I had some very special moments with all my closest friends, and signed up for programming with John for 2015. Yes, that's how much extra energy one con "off" can give me LOL and I am really excited to be working with the committee.

Oddly enough, now I have no time and no interest in food, I want to have awesome dinner parties again. I want to spend time cooking as an art on the weekends. I made soup and stew yesterday, and have bought a new cooking mag and suggested a dinner party to some friends while imagining the stacked and layered chocolate desserts I could make for every one.

Ok, enough rambling for now. I should go clean something, but I have already done a bit of that... LOL


Apr. 15th, 2012 10:48 am
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yay Swancon!

This year we were at the Pan Pacific in Perth, and it was lovely. I think some parts of this will be in dot point, and some will be actual paragraphs. Welcome for the ride, peoples!

- left home at 11:30, went and got petrol, berocca, then children, then drove to Eaton. Missed correct entry point to Eaton, lost an hour wandering around looking for Eaton Primary. Kids finally deposited, we drove back home, grabbed our stuff, and then headed into the hotel.
- hotel big and shiny. Rooms love. Dumped hand luggage and headed downstairs for a meal before opening ceremony. Real luggage still on it's way!
- Had one glass of wine with dinner. Forgot it had been about 12 weeks since the last full glass of wine. Was drunk by the time the ceremony started, but sobering up rapidly by the time it finished.
- Welcome to First Con panel had a few new people, and lots of helpful friendly people. Yay! Will remember to volunteer for a second run of the panel on the morning of any future gold coin donation days
- Safe Spaces panel was good, nice and quiet. Discussions of boundary setting within concern trolling, and what each parts of that phrase actually meant. Did not scare the new person too much (we hope).
- I can't remember if we went to a room party or what. I am sure it was about midnight we went to bed? Help?

- 7:00 wasn't sleep (had a terrible night) so gave in, got up, and checked out the pool. It was cold but not frozen.
- 7:15 made it to gym. Started walking.
- 7:30 the gym is looking very full.. and more people were coming in! Eep! Have discovered one of the secrets of swancon - there's a pile of us in the gym at 7:30 am! All we needed was a panel in front of the treadmills and I'd have been happy! LOL
- 10am we made cookies! oo, I must upload those pics so people can see them. Friday was a huge day. We had heaps of kids and heaps of adults come in, have a look around, and feel very comfortable and join us to make aliens and space ships and TARDISes. I would call that panel a success, and I'm happy to do it again in future! Also met a few of the gold coin donation people, which was lovely.
- Free day for me. I spent a lot of it talking, being friendly to puzzled looking strangers, and raving onto to other people who looked interested in my badges about the con, and how it was a gold coin donation day. Friday... was MASSIVE. I do remember Tori and I positioning ourselves so we could have a better view of all the people walking through the door. The line to get in was huge, and I saw heaps of friends who had always been talking about coming in, and yet completely failed to do so...
- Dinner was a bit of an adventure. I finally got the chance to meet Marianne de Pierres, after four years of finagling by Ju. Marianne is a warm and lovely person, so open and such a wonderful listener. She is just amazing, works her ass off, and I had a great time chatting with her, Kendra, Ju, John, and Sharpie. Just a lovely night, though probably the most expensive steak I have ever purchased in my life. :)
- Chatting with Karen and Dave while sucking NAFF votes out of any one standing still long enough for me to pounce. Met Skot - after he gave me $5 and his vote. This may be important for the rest of Friday night.
- Managed to get invited to the same room party by different people, and being unsure if it was the same room party as one group said it was S's party, and the other said it was M's party... eh, it all worked out. I thought they were sharing but wasn't sure, and they were. Awesome room party. Skot spent a lot of time teaching my how to drink Dave Cake's expensive whiskey. He can teach me how to drink whiskey any time! I was quite enchanted! Headed out at about 1ish I think, nicely drunk and highly amused to hit the gastrolyte in the hopes of mitigating my potential hangover.

- 9:30 Anne Mccaffrey Panel. I was the first one there! And I managed shower, hair, clothes, and breakfast! Ian Nicholls and Zoe were a delight to work with, and we talked a bit about ourfavourite books and Ian told us some awesome stories about Anne, and how awesome she was, and how sad every one is at her passing.
- Facepainting for kids! Very pleased that people recognised the butterfly. The Princess was a bit harder. I could either a) practice and learn to do this properly or b) actually limit it to aliens, zombies and skeletons, which I have more grounding in. Eh, they were happy. :)
- Gender norms panel was *awesome*. Brandon was *awesome*. Bevan, Marianne, and Elaine were also *awesome*. Excellent panel. More panels like that and I would probably go to more... though that would also require me to find five minutes to read the programme at some point. I honestly was too busy to look! I just tend to focos on getting to/through my own panels and anything else is gravy.
- I think I accidentally fell asleep when I laid down for a minute in my room. I think it was today... It takes me a while to wake up, unfortunately, so I was pretty boring during the fan fund panel.
- 6:00 Fan funds panel. Equal numbers of panelists and audience. Possibly a good thing as I was dead on my feet due to the bad nights sleep I have been having, and I was pretty lacklustre. But Dave did an awesome job talking about his adventures as DUFF delegate, and it made me want to run off and go for GUFF and DUFF... but later. When the kids are older and I can have adventures like that!
- Dinner at the curry house I think? It was good. I drank a few glasses of wine. Not many. Just two. Started drinking at 7pm.
- Masquerade. I drank 2 more glasses of wine.
- Paranormal Romance Panel - it was OK. every one seemed to like it, but ... it was OK.
- Dancing, chatting, masquerade.
- Coman's Bid Party in the open area in front of the family room. Had one glass of the punch, as I was drinking whiskey but desperately thirsty for a bit. I had three shots of whiskey that night, all sipped slowly. Lots of chats and talking about future cons. Emily gave me a shot of her toffee spirits, which was very toffee and very sweet.
- Went to bed around 2:30ish, showered, etc etc, gastrolyte, bed. But it seems that drinking 4 glasses of wine, 3 shots of whiskey, 1 shot of toffee and one cup of punch over about 8 hours is mixing enough that I was sick for about 3 or 4 hours. I had thought that going gently would be OK but it seems I was very wrong. And then there was the WASFF AGM...

- WASFF AGM - had news for every one, we've run out of the money. The investment in the expansion of memberships hasn't paid off *enough* to cover the costs we have been running up. So we need to re-evaluate our stance and see what we can do. Things are getting bigger, just not fast enough for us to recoup enough. This year will be exciting. :)
- I took the minutes. I'm pretty happy. It was a quiet, civilised meeting, and was pretty awesome, really. People had lots of suggestions and stuff. I should finalise the minutes before the next meeting LOL
- LAUNCH CEREMONY! I finally get to tell every one ou big secret - JOHN AND I ARE FAN GUESTS OF HONOUR NEXT YEAR!!! YAYAYYYYYYYY1 *cartwheels* Tommo made me cry LOL I thought he'd announce us with something like "And our Fan Guests of Honour are... Sarah and John Parker!" and we'd stand up and say yay! and then sit down, but he read out this really lovely speech about how awesome we are and how much we've done and I'm just crying thinking of it now... I just can't say enough how over-awed and honoured we are. We really, truly, are.
- I think I drifted a lot on Sunday, and maybe even had a nap. And a bath. It was lovely. Refreshed and renewed, I dressed up for the Awards ceremony, at which John won a TIN DUCk! Against what seemed to be HEAPS of people! I swear there were 2 pages of noms for the Best Fan Production. He totally expected to lose... so he was gobsmacked when he won! I was pretty amazed too! Yay John! Now he has to think of somethign else he can do that's creative, cos there's no more cons in his future! (That's what he says... but he's not disallowing volunteering for other cons... just *running* them is going to stop...)
- Sunday was the NAFF party! I had 2 buckets of shots, which were awesome! Due to a wedding in the other section, we had it in the fan lounge. I had my whiskey, people had other stuff, and there were free shots for any one who wanted one. There were snackies and dip and chocolate and cheese and booze! We had heaps of votes and donations, which was really awesome. Had some great chats and catching up with people, which was just wonderful.

I am missing heaps of stuff but I have to go to Mum's for lunch. I'll write up the rest later, as well as insert some stuff that I know happened but just can't remember what *day* or what *time*...

Had such a great con. Seem to have turned respectable though. Need to fix that.... LOL
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I have a room
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Yay! It's Tin Duck Season!

I have some stuff in there again! *is all excited*

If you'd like to see what my excitingly titled nominations are about, then here they are! 

Crossdressing (Ten/Rose, 472 words) 

Hand Fetish (Ten/Rose, 1008 words)

Mechanical/Technical (Eleven/Amy, 1728 words)

Writing on the Body (Jack/Donna, 1224 words)

Ta da! FOUR of them! Good luck for all of my fellow Egobooers too, Carol, Satima, and Joanna Fay. Next year we promise Helen will be in the list too! There's so many talented people on the noms, It's hard to know who to vote for!
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I think I'm about as ready for Swancon as I will ever be.
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Ok, so maybe not...

Cocktail Party (I have a cocktail dress after all!)
Belong Launch

Welcome to Your First Convention Panel
Welcome to Your First Convention Lunch (Every One Welcome!)
Safe Spaces Panel
Making the Magic in Fantasy Novels work
Scary Kisses Anthology

Gynaecon 10th Anniversary Panel
The Xena Panel

Recovering day!
2011 Launch!
Awards Ceremony! I have a pretty frock! 

The Uber Long WASFF Meeting from Heck
Women of Words
Possibly Romance in SFF, but who knows? 

I think that's everything.
Plus there's a clothing swap in there somewhere, I have failed to organize any Target Women vids this year, and I am going to learn how to crochet booties. There might even be cake.
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Safe Spaces Panel
Worked really really well. It did everything I wanted it to do, which was to give people food for thought, awareness of cons as a space which needs protecting and is not inherently safe, and also giving some tools for when people might find themselves in uncomfortable situations.
There's such a depth to this topic that it can go on for years. Keeping it related specifically to specfic issues might be the problem. A huge thanks to my panellists. I am glad it was recorded, and I am eager for it to be available online. I have notes... somewhere... for the book references and stuff... but I am still crawling from the morass of dirty clothing and packing.

Welcome to Your First Con Lunch
Also worked really well, I think. It had 14 attendees, of which we had six new people at, one person who had not been to one in a while, and heaps of old hands, which was a really good mix of people. I was more than confident to make a second table, knowing that heaps of friendly people were accessible on the first table. Next time, with some advertising, I will get a booking for 20. I'll probably also just check to make sure a couple of male fans will come along. I was really glad when [ profile] leachim  and [ profile] cheshirenoir  also rocked up. :-)

Twittering for Swancon
I think this has great potential but I think I did it badly. I think someone who already twitters and handles the medium would be more successful. As a first attempt, I think I did OK, but since I think the cadence and rhythm needed work. Yes, I am critical of my tweets. I think it has great potential to be done really well, and unfortunately, I think I'm not the one to do it! But check it out, there's heaps of great tweets under #swancon. :-)

It had problems, and I was toadally toasted. With extra froggy goodness. :-) But I did get to hang out with my writing group, until they scampered off just because it was late! That wasn't late! Late was 3:45 on the sunday night! That was late!

Yes. Need I say more?

Running Your Own Panel
I enjoyed this one! It was great! And yet another panel that was all women! :-) There was also a predominantly female audience, plus Doug (WNLJ), which was great. We all sat around and talked about prep, moderating and moderation, and ideas. Excellent!

Worldcon and ... well, everything, really.
Worldcon panel went well. I was a bit dazed, since it was at 9:00 after a late night... I got up, showered, dressed, and down in 15 minutes... I was pretty happy. I am getting very excited about worldcon. Okay, so I am getting very excited abotu worldcon. especially since I now know I will have friends who can drink as hard and long as me and still be standing. *grin*
Great to meet some new people.

Personal Stuff

I spent a lot of time feeling touched out, as I think I put a lot of work into some of the stuff right at the beginning of the con. Now I have a better idea of how my energy flows work, I don't think I will end up so touched out quite so quick. Also, i have toadally fuxx0red my knees. I took the stairs as much as I could, but had forgotten that my knees are my weak point. I can stand and walk and do stuff all day, but walking up and down stairs ten or so times in 24 hours meant I was either going to be stuck on one floor, or else stuck in a chair with my legs straight out. I feel a bit uncomfortable about the discussions about the elevator, and don't think I should have to explain about it, but here I am, explaining about it. I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow about what I need to do to recover as fast as possible. :-( I had a great con. I had far too many panel items I wanted to go to. I had far too many I missed. I made it to more than one a day! This means I have made it to more panels this year than probably the last 2 put together. I enjoyed the panels I did. I am sure I did more, but I can't remember LOL

I feel... exhausted. I thought I was completely calm about the farked thing, but I had a moment or two. I expected to get rape threats and death threats, but that was for my feminist views, not for my standing around at a con having fun. I also expected a little more maturity of people posting shit blind to a community. I feel pretty strongly that people forget that Swancon community stuff is for debate, discussion, and angsting by the members, and is a PR mechanism for the convention. I don't have the urge to talk about it much, but I think it's a clear example for why we still need feminism. :-(

Gynaecon Stuff
I did some [ profile] gynaecon  stuff. We had two Gynaecon panels this year, one on cultural appropriation, and one on Target Women, which was awesome. Plus [personal profile] fred_mouse  did the Breastfeeding Panel, plus an improptu clothing party. I think there was another one, but I don't remember, plus three Gynaecon panels in the actual programme, so it was a pretty awesome Gynaecon-along. ten years next year! I will make a cake! Expect a big party! 

I fell over and nominated myself for WASFF. It's time I start making a list for the oncoming work. I am very pleased with the committee that were selected, though some one else as treasurer might have been handy. These things happen.

Was awesomecookies. Loved the photo backdrop. Loved the grove with the judges. Loved the parade. Music was a bit loud, but then I was scampering back and forth in kick arse boots trying not to bend my knees. Not bending knees was good!

Awards Night
[ profile] cheshirenoir  won a tinduck! YAY! I am so glad that every one appreciates the cons Chesh has run. he put his heart and soul into them, and we've had some heartbreaking times and some awesome times with them. This con has re-energized Chesh and he is very excited about Kiddie SF Con. Yay! Congrats to every one who won a Tin Duck. they looked awesome this year! I am definitely going to have to move a few books and start an awards shelf. :-)

Big hugs to Mynxii for her special award! How awesome is that?? She deserved it, and I'm very proud to be the one who introduced her to Swancon. Sure, organizing it from the inside out wasn't the original plan (hey, she is cute!) but I am so impressed and proud of her. I cried.

I have more.... but I am scatterbrained and all that. So, more to come later.


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And we're off!


I'm on all sorts of things! See you all this weekend!


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Apr. 8th, 2008 09:21 pm
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Well, Pic-a-nic actually.

We're going! And I want to see all of you there!

The Swancon Picnic is THIS SUNDAY so move your butts and email Mynxii NOW to say you're all coming and bringing $10 a head for adults.  I am looking forward to catching up with people, maybe some intense discussion, and maybe some light chatting while we rub babies. Also, I will have a receipt book if any one would like to purchase Wasteland II Age of Iron or Femmeconne tickets.

So come along! Email Mynxii now!

Here's her info lifted from her own journal:

Fundraising BBQ
As part of our social and fundraising events this year, Swancon 2009 would like to invite you to a casual BBQ. We'll provide the food, soft drinks and fun activities; all you need is your picnic blanket! This is a family friendly event.
Date Sunday April 13th
Time 1pm
Location Kings Park - Western Power Playground
Cost $10 adults, children under 12 are free
Please register your interest with the committee ASAP including the numbers of adults and children attending; an email address or phone number to contact in case of inclement weather; and any dietary requirements (gluten, nuts, other allergies, vegetarian, vegan etc).

Committee contact would be myself,, mobile number is: 0439 354 992 for that day.
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Recent )
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You know, there's a lot I want to say, but in the end it's just whistling into the wind. I bought books, I chatted with people, and I shared some feminist rage. Who knows if the rage is for the same reasons or not. :-)

I had a good con. It was awkward trying to balance Jack with everything else, and I'd like to thank Linda, Davina and Jen for helping and sharing so much of the work. I know you guys probably didn't think of it as work, but seriously, it is! It was lovely being able to leave him in your capable hands for decent amounts of time while I tried to remember that I am more than a mother, that I have other interests, and that I can do stuff.

The programme was kind of lacklustre to me. It meant that I didn't mind spending  time locked in hotel rooms just hanging out with people. It meant I wasn't stressy if we rocked up at 3pm on Sunday (like we did. *grin*)

I had a great time talking to lots of people I knew periphically... as in, I knew their faces and their names but probably not really had a chance to chat before. I enjoyed the Last Short Story panel, but I have attention span problems and had to run off. The only panel I made it 100% through was Rustle's Marketing 10101 which I enjoyed. It was a good panel, and it's great to see the basics laid out like that. He did a good job.

I was given a present for Vinnie. I love my friends. It's a real.... security blanket feeling, I guess, to have friends who know me so well, inside and out. Lucretia came up and said "quick, we need to give her some tissues first" and handed me a tissue, and then gave me the most beautiful handmade quilt. Her mum made it! I did cry, too! I have a pic, which I will upload behind a cut later.

I won a Tin Duck! I'm just so ... OMG! I'm so ... proud and pleased and just ... it's hard to describe. The short version is: I used to win awards for writing in highschool. And then I stopped. Now I've started again. And I just won an award for writing again!
    I put some art into the artshow! This is a bit of an achievement for me. It's taken a few years of de-contructions (back to highschool issues again) for me to be able to enjoy art for it's own sake rather than for the attempt to produce something other think is art worthy. But those beasties we made at femmeconne were just so awesome!

    Still here? Gosh. We missed the dead dog. I feel sad. But I felt worse last night. :-) We were just tooo shattered and fractured to be able to do it. Happy birthday Callum!

Hmmm... what else... my other child and house were wonderfully looked after by Chesh's mum. The spa area is almost ready for the spa to be moved. It looks great out there anyway, and I am hoping that one year we can volunteer ourselves for the dead dog party. But not just yet. :-) It was lovely to have a night without Jack. The launch for 09 was short and sweet and to the point and I liked it. I bought Fannish Journeys, Ju's NAFF fundraiser, 2012, Magic Dirt, ASIM... all sorts of stuff. (Some one may have taken advantage of my vague and hung over state.)

One thing about a programme where people are unhappy... it does mean that there will be a lot of interest next year. I know there are already plans afoot. :-)
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It takes a whole year of waiting, and then it's all over so fast!

I won a Tin Duck! I am so completely in awe! And so did John and Sarah! YAY!! And Alisa! And...

Anyway, me me me me me! ME! TIN! DUCK!


Too tired for coherency tonight. We're not making it to the dead dog, even though it's about five minutes away. Just too worn out this year I think. Next year I'll be in fine mettle, and we'll have a hotel room. I really missed the night activities, but I was just too tired to stay out later than we did.
So. Bloody. Tired.

Tin duck! Wooooo! *fondle*

Day Four

Mar. 23rd, 2008 02:10 pm
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John and I have still not yet had a single alcoholic beverage between us. I'm not sure if I'm missing it or not. I am missing the after hours conversations and networking; I feel like I have missed good long chats with lots of people because we need to come home. I don't regret it, because I am so dead tired by 9pm, but I am aware of it.

So, tonight we're going to bring J home, dress up, leave him here and head back to the con. I *am* glad he will take bottles so we can have even one night's freedom. :-) V is having an awesome time, and our spa area is looking very flat and empty. Yay!!

So far: Lunch and Dinner at the Mela.  Dinner at the Good Fortune Duck House. (Man was that protein laden and fast.) Today I am hoping to swing past the chinese bakery and swipe some yumcha goodness... and maybe make it in time for Helen's panel in the academic stream.

I feel good. I have jewelery on! I feel... nice! I put on a corset! I almost corsetted up for today... but then remembered that breast feeding thing. *sigh*

Had some lovely quiet time chatting yesterday. Today's aim is to talk to more strangers. IE, LJ people who I want to get to know better. :-) Yes, that means YOU!

Con Report

Apr. 16th, 2007 08:08 pm
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First, this speech here explains better than I ever could about the Marge Hughes Award, also known as the Mumfan. :-)

I am very very very very honoured to have been thought of for this award. I was completely taken by surprise, and it's one of the highlights of my life. I can't express enough amazement, gratitude, awe, and sheer happiness and support the thought of the award has given me. :-)

Mynxii's Speech which Made Me Cry, and still does just editing it to put it here )

Goodness. *wipes brow*
Now, I suppose I should start from the beginning, and work my way up to the end.

Swancon 2007, not as short a report as I thought. Hey, that rhymes! 2,800 words. )
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Swancon 2006 is over. Goodness. I saw very old friends. I saw new friends. I saw many people. It was huge, and it rocked.
I think Vinnie loved his time there, and I know I loved having him there. Responses to Femmeconne are all brilliant. We have plans...

Time to do some catching up reading. I'm tired and seedy, the usual for a con. :-)


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