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Cos I know some of you might find this of interest, here is my Christmas Plan. Last year, to stay sane while Vinnie was little, I kind of did a Christmas Plan and kind of followed bits and peices of it, and it was fantastic. The best, most relaxed, fantastic, Christmas ever. I was prepared and organized, I was happy and calm. I set up the table on the 1st of december, had a dinner party with family and decorated the tree, and kept the table decorated and festive all December.

It was good. I also did not go overboard!! :-)

So, this year, since Lisa and Sarah and I were bumming around keeping each other sane, I figured I'd make a plan we could do together, so when we got together to talk over Dr Phil, we could make things and plan things and be organized. I gave Lisa her colour printed version a couple of days ago, and have just finished assembling Sarah's and mine now.

Here it is:

And here is the Calendar that goes into it

The book is designed to go into a slip folder; you know the ones with the binders down the side, a colours pastic backing and clear envelopes inside for the pages. However, this will actually put you out by one page (by my definitions; I like things balanced and colourfully pretty) and so I ended up printing out an extra page with "Extra Notes" at the top to make it all perfect. This copy, however, doesn't have that extra page in there. However, there's a reasonably good chance most of you won't even notice what I'm trying to fix here, so feel free to print and enjoy at will. Um, this is version 1.1, so it hasn't actually been through a christmas yet. If you do use it, and find it misses something important, please let me know. These books are designed to be scribbled on, filled out, drawn on, stapled, chewed, licked, eaten, dirtied....

Reasons why I like a family plan for christmas:
- Every one gets their say and can't turn around afterwards and say "I felt left out because..."
- Room for improvement and changes every year, or room to stick the last year's plan
- The workload can be distributed more evenly if needed (in future when the kids can help more or if I go back to a full time job)
- People can't follow you around whining because if they do you have a list of things they can do instead
- You don't have to be the answer person all the time (What can I do *now* Mum? Go and see if that list on cleaning is complete)
- I can do fun things like make coasters and placemats once a year and it's Ok if they look cheesy rather than "good"
- I can organize to do the fun parts with my friends
- I am unlikely to forget things :-)
- Recipes, lists, presents and plans all in one centralized place
- I love documentation and enjoyed producing the book

Unfortunately, someone ran off and got themselves a much needed full time job.
Makes things hard (and funny) but hey, we'll figure it out. We're a bright bunch of women.
Maybe I should make a christmas planning book and see if I can sell that!! OoooOOOoooOOOOoooooOOOOOOo...

Anyway. It's Dad's birthday today, and I should probably go and open the door on the boy's room so he starts waking up.
;-) We're off to Sizzlers for a late lunch. :-) He's so cuuuuuuute!


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