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Good morning every one! I'm a bit late this morning as I stopped for a coffee and chat with Mum, which turned into a relaxing frolic in the games with Small Fry. It was lovely!

Now, I had some ideas about blogging for today, and I even recorded them so I don't forget. However, we'll save that for the end of the post. You'll have to wade through the daily crap first LOL

On Writing
I have been re-reading Nick Mamatas's Starve Better, which is a rather fabulous little book of essays about writing and the publishing industry. Each of his essays are interesting and useful, and I've realised why I am not in love with my story that won the honorable mention from WOTF. So now I have a plan to fix it LOL and maybe then I will sell it! Yay sale! Well, yay potential sale!

However, now that the initial enthusiasm has gone (it's been an hour or two since I thought of how I want to fix the story) I'm getting cold feet. I mean, it's a good story. Why would I want to mess with it? What benefit could there be? Do I have to? I haven't even sold it, is this going to be a risk worth taking? But the end reason why I want to play with this story more is because it was never really in line with what I, as a writer, want to do.

One of Nick's essays discusses how short stories used to be a throw away story, where all the threads had to be finished because the magazine as a product was supposed to be a throw-away, something you'd be happy to hand on to a friend or leave in a public place for others when you were done. So if you had something excellent, people wouldn't pass it on as you'd want to keep the copy for later re-reading. With the advent of the internet, things are now reversed - once again writers need to PULL an audience, and so the works have to create a desire for more as well as satisfy the reader. I thought about it while I was on the treadmill and realised how I can change the ending to one that does all of what Nick suggests, but most importantly, it's more in line with what I as a writer want to do, which is to explore questions and concepts and play a little. The current ending is very much the way Nick describes the throw away story, with everything neat and finished and easy to dismiss from your brain. I'm going to try and start making my shorts a bit more... sticky... :D

On Food
OMG we had a 750g rib eye steak still on the bone for dinner last night. I seared it on both sides (salted and peppered) in butter, 3 and a half minutes each side and then popped it into the oven until it reached 56 degrees celcius and then let it rest for about 15 minutes. It was to die for. Soooo veryyyy goood. Did I ramble about the tequila bar the other day? I can't use the word 'restaurant' in relation to it any more, because it's totally not. It's a bar, full of tequila. I am getting unnatural urges again...

Party Party Party Pants!
I corsetted up for a Firefly party on the weekend! I uploaded a pic and it's up to 56 likes and 26 comments. Now I am wondering what I need to wear to get a hundred likes... Party was lovely, and every one did an amazing job at decorations and theme. It was great to see such effort, and it all looked so good! I am terrible at decorations - after all, every available wall in my house is already covered with book shelves, awards, books shelves, TV surrounded by book shelves, paintings, book shelves, and couch.

NAFF Fundraising
I am firming up my plans for the Wine, Cheese and Corsetry NAFF Fundraiser. or have I already mentioned that? :)

Deep thoughts for today?
I was thinking about activism again, and what do I do that counts as activism? How am I travelling on my 20 year plan, and will the things I do still affect my 1,000 year plan?

Uh oh. One question at a time. What do I do that counts as activism?
Well, these blog posts are an expression of activism. In that I am creating a space in which I can play, can critique, explore, challenge and nurture ideas, concepts, situations, and paradigms, and hopefully make my writing richer and my conversations more interesting. I raise my boys to be as considerate and aware as I can, and I am excited about future conversations we will have as they grow older and learn how to ask questions and see more of the context around us.

I try to be me as much as I can. I have a belief that to be less than I am is against the basic fundamentals of life. I am so very lucky to have everything I have, and to not try and be the most I can be? Would be detrimental and actually a form of harming those who have been so wonderful to support and love me and give me the gifts I have. The gifts I have are an ability to love and forgive, to communicate, inspire people, talk, create safe liminal spaces, read people, and my empathy. Oh my empathy.

I think those are my gifts. I may have missed some, but they will do for the purpose of this discussion. Things I have learnt that use those gifts... organisation, writing, talking/speaking, listening, and... um... well, that really does cover a lot. Fandom, writing, activism, speaking clearly and enunciating slowly... all are crucial things. :) So being out there and doing the best I can, and being seen to be trying, all of this is importan and I see as activism. The fact I get things wrong as much as I get things right is also equally important.

Bearing my heart is also a form of activism. When I talk about my miscarriages and my experiences with depression and other murky things that happen TO people, I am breaking silences down, and contributing to a collective body of knowledge.Maybe it means the next time the same silence has to be broken, it is easier. And the next time, easier again.

I think we're in a time of change, with the noise of a million voices starting to rise. More and more people are starting to be able to live beyond survival and start to look around and ponder on the life we have and the life we choose to live. And more and more people are starting to reach that luxury every day. I'm wondering how much noise do we all make, how long before we all make choices from the plethora of data before us, before we stop making choices based in fear and jealousy and start making choices based in sharing and loving?

How am I travelling on my 20 year plan, and will the things I do still affect my 1,000 year plan?
Well, the twenty year plan is actually going really well. I think this is the 6th year? Anyway, the original plan was to run a few Femmeconnes and then work from there trying to make social change, and I learnt a lot from the femmeconne process that I have incorporated into my every day. Femmeconne showed me one way of talking to people, but in the end without SarahX, it wasn't going to be a continual thing. Femmeconne was born out of our mixed energies, and I couldn't sustain it once she was gone. However I did firm up ideas on what I should be doing, in terms of the things I want to write about and whether people would be interested in the sorts of things i wanted to explore. I also feel drawn to smaller groups these days, and I think small groups of big personal changes are a bit more interesting than grappling with energy management of large groups while Sarah was gone. I think I may have explained that badly; when sarah and I ran femmeconne, we formed a gestalt, in that both of our energies were magnified while running the convention and during preparation. With out her, I don't have that gestalt which enabled me to meet as many people's needs for safe space discussions. I know I didn't meet every one's needs, and I'm sorry about that. However I did do a lot of good stuff for a lot of people, and I really liked helping and providing that space. The big problem, as ever, is money. A smaller group would still have to cover food and accommodation costs, so we'd be looking at a much higher price, plus it's time I started to get paid for the work I do.

I think I got distracted. So, the 20 year plan.. the first 5 was for me to sound things out and see how I felt, and I did. I sounded out the unconference idea, and with the loss of Sarah decided to instead funnel more energy into fandom and learning skills for communication (ie, writing.) So now is the cosolidation phase where I start to put my work out there and hope people like it. Launch and learn time, baby, launch and learn! I am thinking if I can't sell some of my stories, I might just launch them here and learn what happens the fun way. (With great terror?)

Have a great week! 

Spelling checker says I spelled restaurant right ! Quite possibly the first time ever! Yay!

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A safe space is a construction. It's a part of creating a connection, but only a part. It is entirely possible to create a safe space without having a connection with the person you are sharing that safe space with.

A connection comes after developing and maintaining safe space. It's a dual effort from both sides of the discussion, a forging of ways.

Feeling safe is a different thing again. There's a multitude of reasons why people don't feel safe. Then when you examine safety a little closer, you realise that each person has their own interpretation of what safety is. I think a connection comes about when the safe space has been clearly delineated and upheld often enough that a part of it becomes habit; subconscious, or perhaps less consciously created. Greater conversations can happen. Greater and deeper conversations do happen.

Safe spaces and feelings of safety are not always hard work, or deep conversations. Safe spaces and safety can also allow for a greater feeling of play. We examine and explore the reasons why we think the way we do, and in doing so we critique them, shuck off the things that no longer fit and try on new coats of strange colours. Safe spaces mean you can try something weird and wonderful, and if it's not what we hoped, we know we have a safety net unique to our needs to help us cope with that. It means we can be free to make great mistakes, and fall flat on our faces. We can play and be silly, and be the self we want to be without paying service to the self we are supposed to be. It is also possible to fall into the safety net with little explanation, and have people caring for our needs as we form the ability to speak of our issues.

Safety and feelings of safe spaces are also a place of sanctuary. It's an intimately known quality, where so much discussion has already occured that the system can meet your needs. It means when you're miserable and need company to listen to, you have friends who can answer that need. Or if you're miserable and need to talk; you know you can have these needs met. It means if you need to sit quietly and absorb group energy, you can do so without worrying what others might think, say or do. I noticed this as being 'a place where you can exist without struggle of identity'.

Connections and safespaces allow for a different kind of honesty between friends. I can ask freely and be rejected freely. Now I think I need to explain the word freely in that sentence. I can ask without fear of offence. I can be rejected without fear of offence. I already trust the people I am asking that they will reject my requests for whatever their own reasons they might have. I don't need to soften people up, or engage them in dialogue to make them do what I want. I am in a place where I can ask for assistance, and know that it will be willingly met, and where I know that if the person can't meet my needs, THEY WILL LET ME KNOW.

I can not state often enough how important that last sentence is. I don't want resentment because I asked. I want a clear simple No, that doesn't work for me.

In part, this comes about because of the Ask vs Guess culture. I much prefer Ask, where I can ask questions and accept a No, then a Guess culture, where you don't ask, and you end up trying to maneouvre to get the things you want or need. My family life has been primarily Guess, and I never quite fitted in. My questions used to drive my Mum crazy! But I still would rather tread on toes, ask difficult questions, and then learn, than just never ask.
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I think for a true, honest connection to flourish a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration.

- safe space
- engagement
- forgiveness

To begin with, as always, I think I need to explain safe spaces. YOU WILL BE OFFENDED IN A SAFE SPACE. A safe space is not a protected space. In fact, a safe space is often uncomfortable, challenging, and hard work. It's a space in which you are free to be entirely yourself - but also every part of yourself is open for discussion.

A safe space is something developed between two or more people. You can have a safe space for one, but that's called introspection and self analysis. A safe space is a construction, built over time, in which people develop a trust with one another within which they can explore parts of themselves they like, dislike, or are afraid of. A safe space is a sacred trust. In a safe space, you will be challenged, upset, offended, but you can feel safe that your reactions will be engaged with, explored, valued, and the person with you will HELP you to regain your inner balance.

The space in which you are most free is sometimes also the space in which you are most confined. When you know the rules, and trust the rules will be upheld, then subconscious parts of ourselves can be allowed free reign, or even to be reigned in.

I can not stress enough the importance of trust. I think this will have to be another post though! It's a very big topic. If you can't trust the rules are going to be upheld, even if difficult situations, then you don't have a safe space. If the rules you and your safe space spartner develop between you are broken, then one party will be unsafe, and will not want to be fully honest. They may be hurting, and unsure what to do. If trust is broken, it needs to be rebuilt to form a NEW safe space. The old one is gone, and a new safe space will have to be developed.

Also, you need to trust yourself. That you can listen, and absorb, and ask intelligent questions, and not allow your primary, thoughtless thoughts, take precedence over your rational thought.

A part of safe spaces, and the way to develop a safe space, is engagement. Engagement means a steady back and forth, a dialectic. Both parties are listeners and speakers in this system. Questions are raised, points are noted, and a check and balance system is in effect. This is crucial for me. I need my connections to be a constant, ever evolving dalogue that can happen across months, days, hours, whatever but it has to happen.

I'm working on engaging more with the kids this week. I've been sick and self absorbed, and done the basic level of parenting I could get away with, but now I am feeling better and more engaged with the whole world, I can be more engaged with my kids. Questioning them, doing things together that involve give and take and discussion and smiles and safety and fear. I want them to feel confident that even when scared they will be OK - and that is something I get from safe spaces.

I have had conversations that frighten me. I have had chats that terrified me. And I have had safe spaces that went horribly, dreadfully wrong, for me, and for others.

So I guess the last leg of the connection has to be forgiveness. I didn't realise this until I wrote this post. I have to forgive myself when I stuff up. They have to forgive me when I stuff up. I have to forgive them when they stuff up. And they have to forgive themselves when they do too.

I'll tell you now - it's a lot easier for me to forgive other people anything. Forgiving myself, however, is a much harder task. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting. Forgiveness is learning and growth. Forgetting is casting aside the lesson, only to repeat the problem again and again. I don't want to forget.

But a part of being prepared to forgive is an awareness that we're just human, groping around in the dark and hoping for something shiny, whether it be love, sex, desire, technology, spirituality, faith, belief, greater causes... and part of being human is walking around with one foot in your mouth.

I had cherish in the list above, but I think I covered cherishing in my previous post. I see cherishing as akin to polishing something, looking upon something fondly and with love, and valuing the existance of that item within the framework of my life. I think cherish is my new word, one for me to play with and examine in greater context as I work my way through these thoughts.

I cherish all of you, reading along with me, I cherish the fact you care about me, and my time, and my words. I cherish your existance in my life, the awesome discussions and the different points of view, and the fact I have so many people around me that can help me to be more than what I am. I hope that others out there feel the same way about me.

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Sometimes I post asking people to re-write a narrative. It's a way for people to re-imagine the story behind them, even just a tiny one, to feel a different emotion or value to what actually happened.

It annoys me when narrative is used badly, or gives the wrong message, and my first discussion point for the day is a video recently discussed on Hoyden About Town, created by the Government to '“help… the guardians of young people understand the safety risks that the online environment can present to children and young people.”

The Hoyden About Town Article dissects the advertisement pretty thoroughly, so I won't voyage into that too much. The basic premise is that a highschool girl does something cute and naughty and sexy - she takes a pic on her mobile of herself, and sends it to her boyfriend. Who then sends it on to a mate. Who then sends it on... and as more and more people in the classroom see the pic, the girl gets more and more upset and anxious and miserable.

I can't watch it the whole way through. It upsets me far too much. Women have enough baggage without this sort of narrative bullshit still being told.

If I ever hear someone say "I'd love to have a threesome," that entire video is the exact reason why you don't ever get to. If any one ever says "Why don't women like sex more?" there's your reason, in one little segment. Because when women and girls try to explore their sexuality, they get peer pressure and disapproval. It's so damned hard to find a partner who can love you and respect you, trying to find a third? Or fourth? Or even fifth?

So here's my new narrative. I apologize for various bad writing parts LOL but eh, I'm sure my meaning will get across.

Meghan walks back out of the toilets, a secret smile and a bounce to her step. She hits send on the mobile in her hand, and slips it into her pocket. She gives a little giggle to herself, and takes her seat in class, well aware her cute boyfriend George is only a seat or two away, and happy to do her maths while waiting for his response.

She sees him check his messages, and loves the grin on his face. He presses some keys, and she waits but her own phone doesn't buzz. She frowns. A boy on the other side of the class catches her eye, and gives her a thumbs up. She frowns at him, and then someone else gets a message and slowly it dawns on her that her BF has sent the photo on, and people are sending it on again. She looks like she's about to cry.

The teacher's phone buzzes, and he checks it while marking. He looks up.

"Mark Bent, out in the corridor, now," he said, obviously not impressed. The boy shuffles past Meghan, giving her a leer as he does so. In the corridor he slouches against the lockers.

"Whut?" he mumbled.

"Your conduct is inappropriate. That message was obviously not to be passed on. Four week's detention."

"It's not my fault!" the boy whines. "It was Gavin..."

"Four weeks still stands. Get out of my class now." The teacher opens the door to let the boy in. "Gavin. Here. Now." He is even shittier than before.

"This message was sent in trust, and obviously not for re-sending. Someone sent this to you, and you're devaluing her actions..." the teacher is almost shouting.

"Frank sent it to me... it's not my fault..."

"But sending it on was. Four weeks detention and you, Mark, and Frank can do the sexual assault course presented by Miss Deelia." The teacher pauses before opening the door, and thinks back.

"Frank. George. Out here."

The two boys stare up at him.

"Frank, four weeks detention and the sexual assault course. George, I want to have a word with you. Frank, go." Frank almost runs, glad that he didn't have any shouting like Gavin and Mark had. George bits his lip, his gaze following Frank, obviously wishing this was over with already. The teacher is so angry he is pacing. He forces himself to breathe deeply.

"If Meghan ever speaks to you again, you will be a very lucky boy. She sent you a gift, and you trashed it. You will go in there, and you will apologize, loudly and clearly, for devaluing her person by acting like a twit. Do you understand me?" George stared up at him, his eyes wide and huge.

"Apologize for what?" he asked. "For sending on the slut's pic?"

"You will not use that word in relation to any woman or man in my hearing. An extra week's detention. You will go in, and you will apologize, or you will spend the rest of this year in detention. I am so very disappointed in you, George. I thought you were a bright boy with a great future ahead of you." George stares at his feet. The teacher pushes the door open, and George slithers into the room, standing behind the desk.

"Mmm, hi, mmm, I'm sorry, mmm, I sent that pic... mmm... sorry Meghan..." he mumbles his way through. He can hear the tiny noises of her repressed sobs. He starts to realise how bad he has made her feel,  and how every one in the room knew what he had done. He starts to realise that no woman in the room will trust him with her self again. He has acted like a prat, and it's going to take a long time to live this down.

"By the way," he hears Meghan hiss. "You're dumped!"  He can hear other girls giggling as his solitary, lonely future opens before him.

"George, five weeks detention, and the assault course. Go," the teacher says, and George is so pleased to be let loose he runs to the principal's office to wait his turn with the others.

I just want to reiterate - women should be the gatekeepers of women's sexuality. The disapproval should be placed on those who broke the girl's trust. She no longer feels she can explore her self in a safe way; how many men would have LOVED getting such an sms? It's a sign of TRUST and when you fuck that trust, you should be ashamed and embarrassed, not her.

I am also aware that my narrative is divergent from the purpose of the actual campaign, which is supposedly to let people know what dangers are out there about the internet. Yet why did it have to come with slutshaming too? Bonus sexism for the masses? Because that's what our society does? And that we're Ok with that?

Well, I'm not.
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Modified, but mostly from here:

I pledge:

If I see somebody groping you in public, and you're not moaning Yes! Yes! Yes!, I will break through your Somebody Else's Problem invisibility field and come over and ask if you're okay. If your situation looks dangerous enough I can't help on my own, I will call over friends or, if it's a situation in which I think the cops would be on your side, I will call the cops. If you're being harassed by a person, you can say so to me, even if you don't know me. I pledge I will distract them so you can get away, or I will tell them that they need to leave, or whatever I can do to the best of my ability. I pledge that yes, actually, because you are a person I will give you the benefit of the doubt. If you tell me that a person just did something shitty to you I will not refuse to look at any evidence and tell you that I know them and they're a great person and you must have been imagining things. I have great loyalty to my friends but I will not allow that to blind me to the fact that none of us are saints and even my best friends can screw up and may need to be called on it. I pledge that I will walk you to your car if you don't feel safe walking alone at night, and then you can drive me to mine. I pledge that even if I don't know you, if there is a creepy person following you around, you can say so, and I will not say to you go hide in your room; I will say to them go find another party, or if necessary, go home. I will come with you if you need to talk to the con organizers. I will not make you feel like your right to control over your own body is not a big deal.

And I will do this whether or not I like you, or even know you. It's not about liking you. It's about the fact that we need to back each other up, and I will need you to do this for me some day.

ETA: "In addition, I think that YCR members should be proactive, following a "Friends don't let friends be Creepy" policy. More than serving as distractions for Creeps or as back to the Backup as described, we YCR men can look at our friends, and say, "Dude, you're being a dick. Stop it." before things get to the point where the Backup has to intervene. And, if a situation warrants it, we can educate them in the wrongness of said behavior, so that they go forth and be Creepy no more."


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I just read my local paper, and there do indeed seem to be an awful lot of jobs in there. Employers also seem to be more willing to be flexible, and even encouraging SAHMs to come out and join the workforce. This week is the first time I have ever seen any one actually targeting SAHMs.

I really think, the next step, which would be truly awesome, would be a temp providing business that has a built in creche. Now that would be the coolest thing evahhhhh.
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This poll has come about because a few people made some comments, which caused me to think some more about what I say in public about my books, versus what I say in private.

[Poll #989291]

Can you do the poll first? And I will tell you what the novels are behind this cut. )
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And here's their spiel "AussieChix is Open! (Source)

Geek Girls - Digital Girls - Nerdy Girls - Ladies of the Command Line -
Femmes for Free Software - IT Professionals (and the not so professional...)

AussieChix wants you!

AussieChix is a group for geeks of the fairer sex, for nerdy girls and
technical women who want to get together to share ideas, teach techniques
and learn new stuff.

You don't need to love Linux (yet) - you don't even need to have dabble in
the deviant delights of open source software. If you are a woman who wants
to get more out of her machine, we want you. If you are a woman who wants to
play with the nuts and bolts of your passion, be it command line or myspace,
we want you. If you're nutty about all things digital and don't know where
to find women like you... we definitely want you!

Stop being the only girl in your world of nerd. By joining AussieChix you'll
be entering a community of like-minded ladies who you can talk to, get help
from, provide assistance to and (heaven forbid) make friends with!
(Networking opportunities are rife, but we don't need to point that out).

Now here comes the sting - the cost.
It's free - just like Linux.
There are only two entry requirements:
Be polite, be helpful.

No experience necessary!"
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Pikelet is OK, and it all looks good.
Chesh will upload pics or something later.


May. 8th, 2007 08:23 am
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MEN decide that hymenoplasties are "a bad idea" and "giving in to the fundamentalists". I'm sooooooo glad they feel comfortable MAKING CHOICES FOR WOMEN AGAIN. Especially where honour killings are involved.,21598,21691116-950,00.html

CRANKY MAKING! I vent a bit. OK, a lot. And don't expect coherency. OK? )
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Located here,23599,21666402-5007146,00.html

Breif paragraph:
MOTHERS do 70 per cent of the housework and more than 90 per cent of the childcare. Now it seems they're also paying tax at three times the rate of their husbands.

However, reproduced for your convenience here )
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Some friends and I were talking about the 50 Women from Roman History thing that Cassiphone did, and how much we enjoyed reading it. So, my friend and I were talking about ones that we could do. I've yet to see anything on my friend's journal, but she is extraordinarily busy, so maybe she won't get time to do what we talked about, but I have been thinking more on my personal challenge since.

However, I want a broad category because I was to do 50 women in the public sphere/feminists/pagans/authors. Not necessarily people who mean anything to me, and to a large degree it might be a quick read of the wikepedia entry followed by some thoughts and anecdotes from my own personal view, but hey, my blog's been quiet lately and the only way to fill what's empty is to empty what's full... and it's time I put some more energy, even oblique energy into Femmeconne. In a way, I wish I was an expert, but realistically the only thing I can be an expert at is being me. I can't wax lyrical about much for long (except food. Don't get me started on food. But I am thinking of covering a female chef in Iron Chef America.) I can't remember history or dates or stories or anecdotes. I forget what I'm reading, what I've read, the meanings behind things and the meanings before things. I'd like to be an expert. But really, I'm pretty damned happy to be an expert at being me.


Ok, women I am going to list here so I don't forget. Feel free to suggest people for me to check out.

- Ariel Levy (author of Female Chauvenist Pigs)
- Starhawk
- Laurie Cabot
- the female chef from Iron Chef America. This might include some whining about how crap ICA is. Cato? Is that her name? Will have to find out, now won't i?
- Kylie Kwong (sydney chef)
- Sue White (CEO of Intimo)
- Freida Kahlo
- Zoe from Firefly
- Noami Wolf
- Ginmar
- Germaine Greer
- Octavia Butler
- Andre Norton
- Inga Muscio ("Cunt: A Declaration of Independance" which apparently Wiki does not have an entry for. At all. Hmmm.)

I'm going to think about this some more over the next few days. So, fourteen so far. Do I have to have this list finished before I start? :-)

By the by...

hey, did you guys know Joss is a feminist? (From Wikipedia)

"Whedon identifies himself as a feminist, and feminist themes are common in his work. The most obvious example is the apparently weak teenage girl who is actually extremely strong and powerful, seen in Buffy, Firefly, and Serenity. Feminist scholars have given Whedon's work both positive and negative assessments. For his part, Whedon credits his mother as the inspiration for his feminist worldview. When Roseanne Barr asked him how he could write so well for women, he replied, "If you met my mom, you wouldn't ask." [4]

The character Kitty Pryde from the X-Men comic was an early model for Whedon's strong teenage girl characters: "If there's a bigger influence on Buffy than Kitty, I don’t know what it was. She was an adolescent girl finding out she has great power and dealing with it." [5] Many of Whedon's young female characters make similar discoveries. Whedon has now come full circle, writing the character of Kitty Pryde in the Astonishing X-Men comic."
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Gretel Killeen )
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I had all the words ready but they just slipped away.

A difficult story begins with touching finger to keyboard )
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You know, that reading of things that makes your head stretch, and other things that make you nod and go "Wow! That's soooooo right!"

I download some of my brain )


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