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May. 12th, 2007 09:34 am
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Thanks to anniejs, I ended up looking at baking gadget pages. *sigh.* usually I am so good and just don't go looking, because I don't need more stuff. No, really. I don't need more stuff.
But I want these regardless:

Is it just me or is BB07 full of bitches this year? I can't stand Bodie, he's a little tosser. I have seriously considered just not watching until things settle down - ie, he leaves, Demet stops being such a fucking backstabbing lying bitch, and Emma stops being cruel and manipulative suck ass. Or at least until there's only one of them left so they're less annoying. Having all three of them in there, no wonder Hayley is crying all the time. I would be too. How fucking STUPID is the shaving cream trick? Serious, I grew out of that shit in LOWER school. (That's years 8,9 and 10 in Australia). It's like freezing someone's bra because they fell asleep first at a slumber party. Fucking childish. I'm embarrassed for Bodie's mum. How would you feel if your son's on national TV saying "Oh, I'm not going to pull my weight as a team or stop chewing through the group food because I hate the one who brought up the topic." How fucking mature is that?

And I am constantly amused or feeling sorry for TJ. At least she has a special way to give him hell. WTF is with that? They've "broken up" twice, for god's sake. She's an idiot but I enjoy her giving Bodie the whoops. I also wonder if his problems with Hayley stem from his being unable to handle TJ, and Hayley still expecting him to act like an adult. Friday night live last night was not as good as last week. Last week absolutely rocked. It was fantastic. Last night was just like all the other FNL they used to have in previous years. BORING! Go back to the small, fun games (hee hee hee wasabi!) and stop boring us with big team games.

I've hit a bit of a problem with my novel - my favourite character is no longer in it for a bit, and I'm not so in love with it right now. I have to get this part done, and I have promised myself the last book will be FULL of my favourite character... but right now it's a little lacklustre. :-) Some fantasizing and stuff should put it to rights. :-)

And new icon! ICON LOVES! Thanks to ascetic_hedony, who pointed me the way, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hsapiens for creating it! Awesome! It's there to hypnotise you all into buying my book if I ever do anything with it. Hee hee hee!

I want!

Jan. 29th, 2007 04:39 pm
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Well, lots of people had lots of success with their 27 Thing Fling, so now I want you all to do the opposite! I want you to bring BEAUTY into your home! But not a fleeting thing, not something that is gone in five seconds, I want you to bring a flower to your table, or hang a pretty scarf somewhere for a few days, or arrange your books into pillars of knowledge on a certain bookshelf... regardless, I want you to make something in your life that little bit more BEAUTIFUL for just a few days. And tell me about it. Nothing permanent though.


Jan. 21st, 2007 08:54 am
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My wants for today! I want (and some of you will recognize this) you all to show your self love by going through your house and THROWING OUT 27 ITEMS. It can be 27 dirty tissues, or 27 cotton buds, it could be 27 different items, but I want you to grab a plastic bag, fill it with your items to be thrown out, and then tie off the bag and go outside and put it in your bin. But here's the kicker... This is *after* all your normal housework is done.

Then, I want you to find your partner, housemate, children, pets, whatever, and tell them in as much detail as you can, how you went around and selected all this stuff and threw it out. Be proud of yourself! Since this is above and beyond your normal housework, you may have to look harder to find 27 things to throw out! But this is good, because it means you are making a dent on clutter!

My Wants

Jan. 20th, 2007 09:15 am
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Today is a fallow day. This means a day to recharge and relax. People think one equals the other, but I would disagree. Relaxing is letting the stress and angst and everything from the last week go. Recharging is adding back to your mental health, giving yourself leeway to more energy rather than just survival level energy.

So, My Wants for today is this: I want you to go outside. Yep. OUT OF THE HOUSE. And then... I want you to sit in your garden. I don't care if it is a dustbowl or a grassed area, a vegie patch or weeds run wild, I want you to grab a towel, a cushion, a chair, whatever, and go and sit outside for five minutes. And then I want you to come back to me and tell me what you saw. If you really want to ace things, take a cup of tea out there, hot scalding and sweet, and sip it slowly while you listen to what's happening outside. See what's going on in your neighbourhood. Feel the world around you.

I am sure every one can find 5 minutes for this. It takes no prep, and just GO! Take your friends, family, pets, lovers, partners whatever out there for 5 minutes with you. And if they whine about it, tell them it's my fault and to do it anyway!
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Now I have TWO questions for you all! Two! And they only get harder from here on, you know...

Question one you have all seen before! So, what are you going to do today, just for you, yourself, a little bit of pleasure to make yourself smile? My plan for today is to catch up on houseworky stuff and ... here's the bit for me ... write! 2,000 words of guilty pleasures just for me! Bwahahahahahaha! For no one else! Just me! At least my characters have stopped sitting around and drinking tea. I mean, really.

So, tell me! What is for you, today? (You can even say "the same as the other day" if you have to.)

Question Two: Now that you know you've got something to look forward to, what about another person in your life? What are YOU going to do to make them feel special? Appreciated? Loved? Valued? Unique? Positive? My plan is to try and provide a clean house and yummy food so that when Chesh gets home, we can have a fun family dinner, and that afterwards Chesh can have some quality Zelda time or whatever he wants to do time, without worrying about putting the dishes on or cleaning anything himself! PLUS, I am going to tell him how much I love him and how much I value his part in my and Vinnie's lives.

Go on, tell me! What it is you are going to do, for any one else, today?

My Wants!

Jan. 16th, 2007 09:58 am
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I want you all to tell me of one thing you are doing/have done/going to do today that is PURELY for yourself. Whether's it's spend 10 minutes reading your favourite book, a special chocolate bar, 5 minutes lying comfortably and day dreaming, what are you doing today that is CONSCIOUSLY and SPECIALLY just to bring pleasure and/or beauty into your life today?

I'll start: I am going to look at things for my Sungarden. I don't intend to buy, but look and daydream about things I can put into my Sungarden.

Well? Your turn next!


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