Aug. 17th, 2012

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I'm sick! 
Wail, moan, whine, etc. It's not too bad on the scale of things, but the occasional dizziness is annoying, and the vagueness is annoying for others LOL so I have canceled my dinner plans. :( That made me sad. But anyway, such is life. Quiet weekend this week, first in forever, and J is still sick so probably a good thing. Oh :( J's canceled his dinner plans too. House of Plague or what around here?

Hahaha they're not allowed hot showers until they have made their own bread and are cooking it in the pizza oven. Cooking bread with coals... even I'd be a bit daunted by that! I can make bread no problems, but I can't light a fire for love or money. I had a quick whine at Mel about how I am not enjoying Channel Nine's online presence when it comes to BB. I used to log in and just watch the live streaming, and the episodes were all centrally located, and Channel Nine are losing my love. I don't like the Catchup website, and I don't like the BB website much either. I don't want to see little snippets, I want to log in and have these people in my house dammit! I miss group living, and having the live feed open all the time kind of kept me company. :/

Coffee and Chat!
Went to the gym today despite not being well, but was incredibly gentle and only did 30 mins at about 3ks an hour. Mostly I went to keep Mel company, as this is the first time in months and months she has actually fronted up. And then we went to her place for coffee afterwards, and that was lovely. She's been complaining and complimenting companies of products she uses, and and she has been receiving heaps of free stuff, which has been making her happy. She has also done lots of painting and decorating her house. She has a real gift for home decoration which I admire. :)

Stumbling Forward
I did a fair amount of stuff on SS yesterday but then flaked in the afternoon due to this virus. Small steps, I guess. It's been a long time since I have been sick, and I don't like it much LOL but we're coping. I really want to do some research on the shopping cart software options but I am so vague it's kind of pointless. Everything just drains out my ears! Ah well, next week!

Women's Weekend
There seems to be a lot of interest in going away but every one seems to just want a women's space where we hang out and relax. Still possible, still will be more expensive than Femmeconne ever was, but yeah, could be fun. Even just getting together and hanging out with people will be nice, but there's a rather large dichotomy between what i am called to do. If I am organizing a big relaxed weekend, then I'd do it with every one, so men, women, children, family units/whatever, or otherwise the women's weekend where we do challenging and difficult stuff. I don't have the urge to just anything in between. If I am going away to relax I want the kids and my partners with me. :)

Spellchecker Wisdom
Got nuttin'


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