Aug. 4th, 2012

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Hi every one! 

Spending Money
And it's morning. It's been a pretty exciting morning, really, there's been laughter and tears and coffee. I had a bit of an OMG moment looking at our bank balance, which caused the tears and John and I had a bit of a chat about it and lots of snuggles and cuddles and love. We're still kind of recovering from the whole un-employed for 7 weeks (9 weeks without pay from my POV LOL) but we're getting there. It's not a money issue we had, it's a mental issue.

Spending More Money
Went to dinner yesterday at a mexican restaurant, and was amused to discover that of the double A4 menu, only one third was food. The other 2 thirds were drinks, wine, beer, and cocktails. Turn the double A4 over and IT'S ALL JUST TEQUILA AND MEZCAL! OMGOMGOMG *DIES* So anyway, I'm want to gather together some cash and hit that baby HARD. There was a taster set too, 15 mls of three different tequilas, I wanna do that, and I want to do some of the more expensive tequilas as well as try out their sangria. Plus I need a sh*tload of cash to get home... I don't know if it will last until my birthday, so maybe I will have to just go...

San Churros tasting plate! Wow, was there chocolate and more chocolate. I had a decaff coffee to make sure I could cope, but I think i also needed a litre of water too. Regardless, it was pretty ... chocolatey. And I can definitely say san churros are not for me. The ones last night were very dense, which I wasn't expecting. I thought they would be lighter in texture, but these felt more like deep fried pikelet texture. The peanut cup was too peanutty, and I only spotted the peanut hot chocolate *after* we had ordered the tasting plate and everything. We ordered a dipping bowl of dulce de leche, but it turns out that was dulce de leche icecream, which made me a slightly sad panda. :D

Very excited about tonight. Going to take two corsets and several outfits. I expect there will be much trying on of outfits before the party starts. I am so excited to be wearing the new corsets out. So pretty! Should be a very corsetty party, and I did make jokes that we should ring a bell at half time and then every one can run off and change outfits...

Currently trying out Abney Park. There's no playlist on youtube for me to just put on, so I have to do it one at a time. :) Considering buying an album on iTunes. I'm like it. I also like the look of the lead singer. I could get into the steampunk appeal. :D I did try for tonight's party but I think I am definitely on the goth side rather than the steampunk side of things (black vs brown with clockworky things...)

No deep thoughts for today. I am just too happy! And you know what, I am going to copy most of this post to my food and housework avoidance blog! :D (Also, spellchecker thoughts for the day: must... learn... how to spell restaurant! And I didn't type abotu or teh once! Yay!)


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