Aug. 7th, 2012

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Hmmm, what shall I talk about today? What would you like me to talk about? Lets do a poll! Oh no, DW has no poll! Now what do I do?? *encourages you all to leave comments*

On Readercon
Oh my, I am breathless with amazement. Not only have the concom put out the best public statement apology I have ever read but it was clear,concise, understood the damage to community the Board actions had done, and thanked people for holding them to a high standard. Suddenly, a disaster has turned into a PR dream. I want to go to Readercon! And I never had any interest before! I want to take a copy and keep it for when WASFF needs to refer to it. Hopefully we won't need it, but what an amazing display of courage, faith and wisdom from a committee. This gives me faith in the one thousand year plan. We can work together and we can do awesome, amazing, wondrous things. This sort of self awareness of the structures within community is also very rare. The number of times I have heard "this isn't our business, I'm just here for the science fiction" and I have just WANTED TO FUCKING SCREAM SO THE FUCK DO I BUT I CAN'T AND I WISH I HAD YOUR PRIVILEDGED FUCKING POSITION.... er, sorry, slipped up a little there.

Readercon Board/Concom Oddity
The Concom of Readercon outweighs the Board in all decisions. The Concom can overrule the Board whenever the hell they feel like it. So the Board have all the responsibility but can't actually do or authorise anything, since the Concom can just overrule them. I don't understand what that sort of powerstructure is supposed to support. Isn't the Board still responsible for any actions the Concom takes in a legal sense?

On Curiosity!
Oh my it's so hard for me to remember it's curiousity spelled wrong! LOL Yay curiosity! SO VERY EXCITING! So glad for modern internet! I got to watch! It was awesome and inspiring and made me cry a little. I loved watching the tension in the control room, and knowing there were millions of people around the world also staring at a screen/monitor/TV and waiting and pacing and watching and holding their breaths... it was an awesome moment and I felt like I was a part of it. The flood of posts during and after on my FB was heartwarming.

On Writing
My blog post yesterday was pretty much all I managed. Have not yet addressed any of my anxieties about ripping my stories to shreds and starting again. I am hoping I will just gloss over it and get to work. That technique works for minor stuff. :) Yesterday was so busy, yet I am still not entirely sure what I did. Oh, I gymmed I guess? Today I have both kids home, so I'm expecting a higher than average number of interruptions (*headdesk*) and I want to do some journaling (the sort that requires handwriting.)

Came to the realisation that my enthusiasm for jumping in when the action starts also means that I need to reconsider where the story actually starts. came to the understanding that Skintree is not so much missing 40 - 50K at the *end* of the novel... but is more missing 10 - 20K at the front and 20 - 30 K at the end... Oops? Some of the scenes that I was seeing as the mini-climaxes are actually the climaxes, so I need to do some re-arranging and writing outline stuff before I get to work at the keyboard and do some hammering.

Brighton WFC2013
It's in the back of my mind. Brighton/London is going to be hellishly expensive, and we're not in the same financial position as we were for WFC2011. I have about $3,000 (virtual money) saved but that will barely cover the flights, and I don't know if I am going to be able to save up anything else between now and then. I shall just have to keep this in the back of my mind and every now and then poke it a little and see what else I can think. When Jack goes to full time next year, I might get a part time job and see how that goes, and that might be enough for me to be able to save enough. We'll just have to see. I want to go back to WFC as I met heaps of people and I'd love to see them again... but at the same time, I am also wondering if there's another convention that might be as useful to me that will be cheaper/more accessible for me.

Edited to Add Extra...
WTF, Bic? I just bought pens designed for HER? Really? We're gendering pens now?

Spellchecker Thoughts
Should I just give in and start posting in American? Realise, realize, etc... much fewer typoes than usual, yay! 


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