Aug. 20th, 2012

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Still Sick
Pouts. Today has been the worst yet - ibuprofen plus panadol before I could really cope with the muscle aches and pains. And a lot of sleeping. Lots of sleeping. And staring blankly at things. Lots of people are sick at the moment. :( I just took some ibuprofen again, which is probably a good thing as some of my aches are starting to come back. Why does the coffee hurt my throat? WHYYYYYYY?

I have so many exciting things I want to do! But I am too tired. And my muscles are too sore. And I feel too unwell. I shall just write down the ideas and play with them later. Today is a day for shelving all that sort of thing and just trying to maintain decent humours and get better. My balance is out though, with being sick and being away from my loves, so things are bubbling away but there's issues actually *doing* anything. And while ideas are great, I want to get out and do stuff!

Big Brother
Blah blah blah, I was sick so it was hard to watch... or something. I don't know, it's just not filling me with excitement yet. I will keep watching though, it's nice to have something warm and comfy to fall back into. Just like Reddit, really...

And Castleville
Noooooo, Torikh WHY did you join up?? I would have told you to avoid this one! :)

Missing my loves
It's been too long since I saw everyone. And it's the longest time apart from someone in particular in almost 5 months. Good thing I am too sick to mope much? :) Haven't had the full Monday night crew over in ages and ages. Get well soon Torikh! And us... and every one else. M and K are back on Perth soil, so hoping to catch up with them again soon. :)

Linked In
I accidentally let Linked-In go through my entire Gmail contacts list. So, um, I'm getting four or five (or more) acceptances every day as people log in and go "Sure!" and click on accept. Interesting. I am tempted to post in there saying I am looking for work, but then someone might actually give me some and right now I will just chuck it onto the 'too hard' pile and sort if out later.

Did I mention I finished the Jeff Goins blogging course? That was actually very cool, and I think I might go through it all again. I learnt a fair bit, and it's kind of honed some of my ideas about blogging and things that I want to do. Plus I am going through the Goddess Leonie stuff again, and that's also really interesting and giving me even more wild ideas to do stuff. Now if only I wasn't sick! I got up last night cos I couldn't sleep so I wrote down some ideas, whinged on FB and then went back to bed. This should amuse a lot of you - I am actually trying this new method of doing things! Called "DOING WHAT I AM TOLD TO DO!"

Loving Things
One of our cups has been broken, and it's made both Husbandly One and I very sad. It was from B1 from when he was in kindy, has one of his drawing printed on it, and now it's broken. :( At least we still have B1 to make us smile instead.


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