Sep. 12th, 2012

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Ooo, a late one today! It's been busy, and in an awesome way!

A friend mentioned a friend who works for a certain company who might be interested (could I put any more hedging into a sentence?) in some blog articles on corsetry, so I have been in a whirlwind of enthusiasm writing writing writing! Yay! I workshopped some ideas today, and then wrote two suitable articles, and i shall wrte a couple more and then see if they're what the friend of a friend is looking for. So excited! I knew I was pretty passionate about corsetry, but it turns out I am REALLY passionate about corsetry! 

Big Brother
They all seem to be having fun still. I enjoyed the jungle documentary they are playing with, and they seem to be having a great time with it. Michael as the lion is funny, and his lionesses make ma laugh too. Ray the ever popular hyena gets to eat ALL THE THINGS!

Would you describe me as curious or impatient?

Throat is only a tiny bit swollen. Teensy tiny bit. *crosses fingers* however I walked to school and back and didn't need to lie down, so yay! Things are improving! Plus I had enough energy to do creative writing stuff, which actually takes a surprising amount. I forgot today was an early pickup for the kids, and bought an icecream to sit in the sun and eat while reading the new cake decorating magazine. Driving past the school I noticed an awful lot of cars ... oops! Ate the icecream in the carpark while reading the magazine... close enough! It's just such a gorgeous day today! The icecream means today is NOT the first day of a healthier eating plan LOL I will probably start on Monday. I'm still firming up my ideas on this.

Finally contacted lawyers about car accident. I was kind of avoiding that and getting stressy every time I remembered. And now it is done! Just hoping it will all be over soon. I don't want to think about this any more.


Kids had a bonus playdate today, plus I came home after the playdate and finished adding some expert advice (Thanks Kundra!) to my corset article. Gosh I feel productive! Oh and I realised school holidays must be coming up... only a few weeks away. I should maybe thinking about possibly having a plan or something. Now why would I do that??


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