Sep. 17th, 2012

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NAFF Party
It's coming! It's coming! I am started to get really excited! I have made a list of things to do, and already checked off three of them! Woohoo! Really impressed with that since it's the first day of my period and I am vague/distant/moon-driven to sit quietly and be creative rather than actually clean things. Haven't dared the planning side of things, save that for tomorrow when I will be more alert!

B1 and the Febrile Convulsions
Round fifty seven million? Eh, whatever. So he had a couple last night, and the 2nd one was quite extended. Dr checked him out and found nothing wrong, and write up a referal to a specialist to get him checked out again. Yay?

Little Bit of Racism On The Side
Bit surprised to walk into one of those "they move here, they should learn to speak the language!" kind of discussions. I was so surprised I just sort of stared for a bit. I thik it's unfair to make any sort of comment like that, since we can never know the pressures and reasons for anything, and I know what *I* would do. I can't speak for any one else, and I think it's unfair to make those sorts of general comments when you don't know shit about the topic.

Very Full On Week
Followed by a quiet weekend. WASFF meeting didn't make me want to strangle any one, yay! Got lots of sleep and loves from the kids. I think I'm a bit more refreshed and recharged. Time to take over the world again!

No BB today. I just haven't watched it yet. Yay Ray's gone, can't wait to see the snippests they give him of his time in the house. I bet they saved the bitchiest comments for him. I already feel sorry for Estelle, when she comes out she's going to be so upset about how mean every one was to her, and how often.

Friday was some dedicated alone time, and it's been a very long time since I put some work into myself. Time to make it a little bit more of a habit, I think. I did a bit of meditation and cleansing and released some old emotions and thoughts, and moved into a more accepting phase of some things in my life. I'm pretty happy with it, thought it's never quite like how you imagine things to be. I also brought in a wand of jasmine, which perfumed the shower and bedroom and even the entire house. It was just beautiful.

Porn and Sex and Stuff Randomly Rambling
Thoughts on Sex, Porn, and I don't know, other random thoughts that people might not wish to know  )


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