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Hmmm, having a little trouble focusing today. Maybe it's a motivational problem! I drank all my coffee and I hadn't even started today's ramble! 

It's coming! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So, time to do some planning and some buying and some writing things down and OMG it's coming! I need to choose what corset to wear! What skirt, what outfit, what bra! Hope you're all coming, it's only a week and a couple of days away! Tell me what cheese you want me to get, and what cheesey accoutrements??

AFP, Money, and Musicians
To start with, OMG what awesome eyebrows she has in this pic! Ok, now that's out of the way I can see this issue is very much a point of view issue. (Short version for those who don't want to click the link is that AFP has put out the word that on her up and coming tour, she would like any professional-ish horns and strings to play with them for for love and hugs. Or publicity.) The issue is one that is a judgement call, really. She's a performer, she can do what she likes, but of course any one can comment and bring their own issues to the party. It is unfair that she's asking people to perform for free, but that's life. No one said anything was fair! And if they did, they were trying to sell you something! But it does kind of ring bells about how writers are often expected to work for free too, and the little FB meme going around where a musician is asked to work for publicity by a resturaunt and their response was to ask would the chef would come out to work in his kitchen for a dinner party for publicity, so why would they? I already work for free here, and I'm pretty happy to be paid in comments and chatter, but at some point I really need to start earning an income. I'd probably consider doing the AFP style thing for free if it was fun, or people I liked and admired, or maybe some huge step forwards that was obvious and useful. AFP seems to me like an indie musician who is neither big enough for it to be a massive boost for any one, nor small enough for this sort of issue to just fall off the radar, so I wonder if there's a bit of "Oooo, let's pick on the famous person since she won at Kickstarter, is married to another famous person and is an easy target." On the other hand, though,. it would be hard to cherish and love each individual band and/or musician who put in the effort and love and time and training to be a part of this, since she needs a new group for every city. It's a bit ballsy to ask for this for every city. It kind of changes the tone of "this is fun, we'll jam and make art" to "I need some suckers to do the work for me." 

Still less than enthused about it. Can't wait to get my tastebuds back properly! At a good chunk of normal chocolate last night, with sugar and crap in it, and enjoyed it too LOL even though there was a constant rain of tiny chocolate shards whenever leachim broke more chocolate off the block. I rather liked it, I thought it was sweet. (Geddit? Geddit? Sweet? As in, the chocolate was sweet? And so was leachim breaking chocolate over me? Geddit?? ..... Remember, not only do I ramble, but I have a terrible sense of humour... LOL) Hee, the main reason I started this section was that I was reading an article linked to by tikiwanderer about deliveries of fruit and veg boxes, and in the article they say they liked getting weird stuff and then having to google "Yotam Ottolenghi + (insert vegetable here)" Now, despite the millions of jokes I could make about that phrase, what really struck me was WTF was a Yotam Ottolenghi when it was home, and wouldn't you just google words you could remember? Like "parsnip recipe" or "turnip delight recipe" or something much less complex. It turns out Yotam is a chef, so I guess he has recipes that must be pretty stunning. I'd misspell a name like that every time I tried! I guess Mozilla/Google's pre-typed search window terms would mean you'd only need to get as far as YOT though. Whatever.

Boy am I rambly today!

cheshirenoir sent me a link to a kid's programming language! I might try and learn it along with the kids. It might be good for a giggle LOL

Printable Blog Planner
I have had this link open for so long it's got dust on it. Metaphorical dust of course, but I am sure you know what I mean! So anyway, it's a free printable blog planner for creatives. Like me. Hmmm. i have had it open for ages because I haven't had time to sit down and think about how I would want this planner to work for me. I think I will just have to print out one page of everything and then see how it all fits together and then figure out the binding stuff at the end. Just one more project to chuck on the pile.

OMG it's Sport Carnival at the school!
And OMG this means school holidays is not far away! Eeep! *hides under a rock* We should organize some meets peeps. preferably somewhere no other parents in Perth know about. Yeah, like that's going to happen. We should go to Belmont Volcano park and stake out some section for Swancon peeps. We'd probably need to get there at about 6am though :( B1 has his sports day all day tomorrow, so I shall be outside in the sun, enjoying the weather and eating terrible food and drinking bad coffee. B2's sports day is today, from 2 - 3 this afternoon, and should be just gorgeous. Hope it warms up a bit though, it's cold enough this morning that my fingers are a bit stiff. As evidenced by my obvious problems typing...

I have been having some awesome fun writing corsetry articles. I am stiffening my spine today, or is that swallowing my writerly anxieties and sending in the first two to see if what I have written is what they want. I have another 18 titles to write, and at the moment each one is taking about an hour, but I expect I will get quicker as I practice the writing of articles. I did the Jeff Goins blogging course, and that was seriously good, and I really enjoying using his system to write. It's the system I am hoping to work with for the Saucy Sarah blog, and to hopefully keep things interesting and have people come back time and time again. If the articles don't sell, then I might just stick them up on SS anyway. I haven't put any energy into SS since before I got sick. I am looking forward to when I am well enough to do ALL the things! Maybe this afternoon..

Also, don't forget you can buy my story for just $5.99 USD and you get a whole bunch of related stories with it! I can promise that it's very silly and lots of fun!


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