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Random Ramble - The Sunburnt Edition!

Sports Carnival today!
Had a great time! Exhausting though, sitting around talking all day. :) Met the ... i don't know what she is, but she is at the school to counsel kids and I think she works for Communicare or something and Communicare has been given a lot of money to help set up support stuff in our suburb, so she was out and about garnering opinions and stuff. It was... interesting. Most of the people I was hanging out with were a tad fortified for a day of kid sports, and so were pretty chatty but it's funny listening to each of us navigate the past few years of school politics without actually explaining any of it. It's also hard to explain, and there's a certain level of trust required before people will really open up honestly. After all, no one wants to bitch about someone and then have a listener run off to tell the person all about it, now do they? However, what is interesting for me is that they are looking for volunteers to run stuff, ie cooking classes and budgeting classes and so forth, and I am thinking this might be a useful vehicle for me to practice running that sort of thing, writing the plans and documentation and do some IRL work for Saucy Sarahs. However then she started staring into my eyes and talking about the new steering committee they are developing and how that needs volunteers too and... GAH. Who's NOT looking for volunteers, lady? Every one wants people to work for free right now. I also don't think I am a representative of the local demographic, so why would listening to my needs be of use to any one?

Such a beautiful day today. Really did enjoy the weather and the chatting all day. Just a lovely way to spend the day. So, I am working on ideas for the school holidays, and much planning has been accomplished. Hoping to pack in 2 movies, 2 picnics, a trip to the pool and a trip to the beach into it. Plus it's clothes and shoes audit time. Yay? Lucky us? *sigh* Anyway, here's a special kind of link for geeks out there thinking about going on picnics. :D

Haven't heard yet so I am still hopeful. Fingers crossed! 

Jurien Bay Fishing
If you're in Jurien Bay and would like to go fishing, here's a link to some friends of mine that way setting up their own business. Good luck to them!

Time to go watch BB!


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