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I think I have a tooth abcess. It would explain my constant getting infections, so hopefully once this is rectified there will be no more infections in my body at all! Yay! 

Yep, day two, still detoxing. I bought some ketostix, and these ones have sugar monitors on them! Awesomefun! I also bought myself a blood sugar monitor but won't be playing with that just yet. No cravings today, and I found it surprisingly easy to switch back into the diet. It's not so much a detox as just the way I intend to eat for the rest of my life, barring special occasions. So, I am using MyFitnessPal for a giggle, and trying to log my food. It involves some random wild guesses, but for the first two days I have eaten around 1400 calories a day. Apparently I need 2200 or something, but even last time when I was logging I noticed I tend to sit naturally at 1400. It is surprising how much food 1400 calories can be. This includes bacon and eggs, coffee with cream, tom kha gai, satay sticks, my V-8, cheese, pork scotch fillet... I couldn't finish my scotch fillet as I was still too full from a late lunch and the V-8 and cheese I ate after my nap. I am also back into the 2 - 3 litres of water a day thing, which leads into...

Crampy crampy
When I drink so much water, my already delicate salts/sodium/electrolyte balance gets even more fucked up. So I have been drinking one V-8 (250mL with a little extra macrobiotic salt) plus taking the magnesium tablets to try and offset the loss through urine. Last night I woke up at 4:45 with MEGACRAMPS down the front of my calves. I did my usual electrolyte drink (1/2 teaspoon macrobiotic salt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 250 mls water) and had a hot shower, and then I couldn's sleep because I have muscle pains elsewhere... I think now due to the infection in my system to the abcess! What a complex PITA I can be!

I suppose you all wanna know the goss, right?
Ok then! Weigh day is actually Sunday. I've just been busy!

Starting Weight: 115.1
End of Week :0
Current Weight: 115.1
Current Loss: 0
Cumulative Loss: 0

Saw Hotel Transylvania today. It's a bromance. It was Ok but I didn't like the gender stuff. Sidelining, demeaning, annoying, horrible gender stuff. Other than that it was a pretty standard movie. Definitely a bromance though. It's all about Drac and Johnnie.


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