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I have recently come to think that a few more cocktails in my life might be a good idea. When I thought I had mint in my herb bundle, I was all excited! I could try and make mint juleps!

So below is the link for the Mint Juleps, which in the end has only four ingredients and I managed to stuff up 2 of them, involving in multiple peoples offering to go down to the shop and buy the icing sugar and mint that (it turned out) I didn't have. I managed to mistake vietnamese basil as mint. I'd like to say, in my defence, that vietnamese basil does have very minty overtones... and is replaced in some recipes as mint... however, let it be known I got my 'erbs wrong, and so splanky very kindly went down, and sorted it out. By buying some more.

Mint Julep recipe

I rather liked these once we got a) the right mint and b) sorted out the proportions a bit. They were nicely refreshing and not too strong. There's no burn from the bourbon, and it starts with a nice hint of sweetness and the fresh minty taste lasts a little while but not an obnoxious while. Yum!

So, I'd like to have a cocktail with all of my future events. What cocktails would people like to try? Or see me do a blog post on?


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