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I'm on panels! 


I have my own Kaffeeklatsch! 

Foundlings and orphans
The orphaned baby who grows up to become a master wizard. The lonely farmboy who becomes a powerful Jedi. The last son of the planet Krypton, who assumes the mantle of the world’s greatest hero. Foundlings and orphans form a common and powerful theme in popular culture and fiction around the world, but why? What is the origin of this storytelling theme, and why does it appeal to writers and audiences so much?
Faye Ringel, Sarah Parker, Delia Sherman, Gillian Polack, Mary
Victoria, Mur Lafferty
Friday 1300 Room 211

Very short stories: Writing and reading flash fiction
Flash fiction - a short story lasting only a few hundred words - is perhaps the most misunderstood of prose fiction forms, and potentially one of the hardest to write. What are the challenges of writing flash fiction, and what sorts of stories is it best equipped to tell? Is it possible to write a work of flash fiction that could rival lengthier classics in the field? Can you write quality fiction shorter than this panel description? (Which is 88 words long, by the way, including this sentence.)
Martin Livings, Sarah Parker, Jeff Harris, Amanda Pillar
Friday 1500 Room 217

Sat 1500 Rm 201: Kaffeeklatsche;

Sun 1000 Rm 209: (K) Zombie make-up session; (I have facepaint. Kids beware! Adults beware! KNEE HIGH ZOMBIES COMING AT YA!)

Sun 1100 Rm 209: (K) Surviving the zombie apocalypse;

Come and visit me! Say hello! Come to my kaffeeklatsch! (Please!)

I'm getting so excited!!!


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