Sep. 4th, 2012

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Let There Be Chocolate!
Mercy mission to visit Tiki today, taking along a block of chocolate for her :) Had a great chance to chat and catch up and drink coffee, and play with her kids who are still cute and interesting. Read some books, patted some dinosaurs and loved some cats. Yay visit to Tiki!

No longer the number one topic! Yay! Will even hit the gym on Friday! Yay me! I'm feeling much much better and much much happier <3 Had a lovely Monday night last night and now my nails are pretty blues! Here's a picture!

Big Brother
I am enjoying the two household thing. *rubs hands together with glee* it's quite evil and I love it. It's really upset some of the housemates, and I love the uncertainty it's given them. Hope they have lots of fun being tortured!

J's a bit snuggly today so I have been sitting on the couch and crocheting while he plays on the wii. Crash Mind Over Mutant was a bit annoying. I'm having such a lovely quiet day today, and tomorrow night I get to go out! So excited! I don't want to crochet anything exciting, so I am just making a gigantic granny square. I may have lost my favourite hook, I last had it at the Geek Haven but I haven't don't any crochet that I can remember since then. I'm sure it will turn up.


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