Aug. 3rd, 2012

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I think I have a name for my daily updates! Yay Random Rambles! I am also thinking of playing with other mediums, like maybe do a video occassionally and other crap like that. Of course, then I have to look somewhat presentable, which is one reason why words work really well! I am in my trakky daks today, and an oversized shirt and an oversized jumper... I am swimming in my clothes but it was warm!

I had some thoughts about my NAFF report while I was out walking. I have a couple of old reports lying around, and some of them are pretty whimsical and fantastical, so I am wondering if maybe I should write something more fictional than factional. Plus if I make up stories, no one will know which bits were true - unless they were there of course! And since I want to play with selling stuff on the internet (I already know how to put the infrastructure together, but I haven't actually *done* anything, and that's the key point here) this might be an awesome opportunity to do so!

You'll all buy whatever I make, right? Especially since you'll all be volunteering for NAFF too, right? Yes yes? Also thinking of having a wine and cheese and corset party as a fundraiser. $10 a head plus bring a cheese or a bottle of wine. :D It is a fundraiser after all. I should make it $15 a head! All proceeds will go to NAFF.

So, my Skintree... I failed to do any work yesterday but that's OK. It happens sometimes. Every time I went to get organized enough to start, someone rang (once), went out to lunch (once), or came over (twice.) It was lovely though, I do need the social interaction too! All work and no play makes Sarah a more demanding person... or something. So today I am waiting for the dishwasher. Castleville is annoying the pants off me again. I'm thinking the end is nigh. Then I shall be forced to find a new addiction!

Dushwasher is Dead
*sob* dead. New one comes today. My credit card sobs with me. We could have done it interest free and blah blah blah but... whatever, just do it.

Open the Doors
What sort topics would you like me to do self interviews on?


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