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From here:

August 1st – Lets start this all of with a simple exercise that has been suggested on this blog before; write a list of at least five things about yourself that you love!

1) Fantastic boobs! (mega awesome! Boobs of DOOOOOM!)
2) Awesome hair! (I love the silkiness of it at the moment, the colour is awesome, and I love the body and shape it has)
3) Great eyes! (they're hazel)
4) Perky atttitude!
5) Sexy brain!

August 2nd – Grab a huge pile of pictures of yourself  (ones you love, ones you hate, and the ones in between), sit down, and spend however long you have to coming up with at least one positive thing about the way you look in each picture.


Pic for King Espresso I love this pic! Sassy and sweet LOL

OK, there's not many pics of me in my LJ scrapbook. So if any one posts a link to a pic of me, I will comment on what I like about me in the pic.

August 3rd – Time to start thinking a little bigger. Set aside some time & get reading something positive that’s going to make you feel good about the way you look!

Hmmm, I think Mynxii's emails are always good, but seriously I recommend Cunt by Inga Muscio. There's excerpts on that webpage. Enjoy!

August 4th – It’s time to turn the positivity you’ve been building up for the last few days  say something positive to everyone you interact with – boost their self esteem!

Tomorrow is a kiddie day, so I guess we'll do some playing and reading and positive reinforcement in the home! Oh, and bake some bread! 


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