Aug. 8th, 2012

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I gotta close some tabs, baby. I gotta close some tabs!

Things I Learnt Today
The Balducci levitation trick. Mars colour pics! Abney Park is bouncy. Google has a webpage designed to help you sort and examine credit cards.  A Paleo blogger is suing his state for trying to regulate his advice. That hot boy I noticed in the NASA control room... well, every one else noticed him too! And he tweets. And he's sooooo keeeewt. Crochet helps your immune system! By providing a destressing activity it gives your body a chance to repair and feel better. Paid members of Livejournal have statistics! Yay statistics! I kind of like stats a little too much sometimes... Excellent article about how conservative representations of our selves don't seem to be as important as before... and of course, mentions the cute NASA guy.

Oh god, we're only half way through.
A volcano killed thousands of people in Britain, leading to a mass grave of over ten thousand bodies. Really interesting stuff, that one. Another story missed in the Olympics - Shin A Lam missing out on her gold medal because the timing official was a 15 year volunteer who got it wrong. ITIN links for me and my friends who now work for Musa... and instructions for Australians on how to fill it out. has some great stuff about POV which I have been enjoying. Details on the conflux short story competition. Steam, angels, Junk. An article on how Paleo is becoming more the province of doctors, and yet evolutionary medicine is really only a theory, and therefore can't be practiced.

Stuff about sex is a quiz where you and a partner fill it out, and if your interests overlap, then the quiz emails you both and says "hey, you're both interested in such and such!" I totally want to fill that out with someone, but I am stuck on the fence about with whom. This one is interesting. It's a rant about why Monogamy should be classified as a paraphilia. Got some very good points in it. This is an article talking about problems inherent in our rape culture.

Gosh, that took all day! In between I have had a visit and coffee with a friend, recieved the coles order, processed and packaged and put away, and... um.. made the kids sandwiches. With Vin's birthday on Saturday, I have the biggest pile of junk food in my house since ... Christmas.


callistra: Fuschia from Sinfest crying her heart out next to Hell's flames (Default)

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