Aug. 9th, 2012

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Random ramble - Quick edition!

Vin Turns Seven!
Gosh, already?? He's a sweet, mature, thoughtful child currently exploring the sneaky. He has a great sense of humour and is very loving and forgiving. He's also a little bit sick; he's been up since about 3am this morning, and I have been up since about 5? I think? I have no idea. Regardless, I am pretty calm and happy but also quite emo. I expect to cry at least once today, whether it's a FB meme, a TV ad, or something else, I don't know. Place your bets, people!

Cleany clean clean clean
So... the cleaning will begin. I re-arranged the loungeroom furniture, and it's mostly cleaned and tidy. The pile of crap in the dining area needs to go. The cabinet space is clear except for the dinosaur. The kids eMac needs cleaning. The kitchen needs to be kept up to date. Rooms need cleaning (That's probably going to take up the bulk of today) and then vacuuming the corridors, bedrooms, and small children. Then outside. Video game machine has been moved, so we need to get rid of the crap, sweep/shovel what we can, and tidy things away. I also need to procure wood, cook cakes, make meatballs, buy stuff, fill the car, and other general prep. We have allocated 2 days for Mum and I to do this, and I am hoping that on Saturday morning we'll be relaxed and happy and can do the stuff that makes us feel good about doing parties. Yay! 

I uploaded another photo of myself to FB yesterday, and people like it. :) I like that people like it. I've not really enjoyed having my photo taken before, and it's really lovely to feel like people are lavishing attention on me over it. Might be a small thanks to the owner of the rather lovely camera that takes rather lovely pictures... and his skill at doing so. But otherwise it's just because I am so darned pretty. :D

Vin got his own music machine today. MP3 player, CD player, it can play off USB stick and everything. Yay! OK, I think that's all I have time for at this point. Gotta start the day now! Off to get Jack into school!
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Ok, so I managed to avoid inviting the whole class. And I also managed to avoid going to the bowling alley. (Would have required the staff to appear and talk to me during the 15 minutes I wandered folornly around their open venue.) And I forgot to get the giant blow up bowling ball etc, not that I am terribly upset about that.

And allwas good with the world. And then I had a phone call. M and R were coming to the party (twins) and I made mention of the after party BBQ and their parent said "Cool, do you want me to bring anything?" and I was like 'Nah, it should be fine.." and anyway, end result I eventually said 'meat.'

I felt like I lost some of her confidence in me as I hemmed and hawed. I had everything sorted for goodness sake. I doubt I have let any one leave here hungry before. But this isn't the focus of my post.

The focus of my post is the feeling of "oh dear gods, now I have to do a good job of a kids party. There's outsiders coming. I have to get softdrink and more party food and make sure there's a new candle OMG this sucks" which was certainly an unusual series of thoughts for me. But every one else is already trained to how I work. I don't think any of you expect me to have softdrinks anymore. It's just something I always forget! (Which reminds me, I have wine ready for mulling! Yay!) Plus I drink water! Or booze! And I got lots of junk food. I did buy the softdrink.  And I had to buy meat. I was planning on buying meat, but now I had to make sure it was delicious meat. :) So there's chicken wings marinating, rump steak marinating, and chicken legs to be roasted. Plus I had to buy extra salad ingredients to up the level a little. I was just going to make every one eat bread, but now there's strangers coming so I'm making 2 salads. I also bought ice and wood, too.

This is amusing me even as I see it as a bit of social anxiety. I don't have much luck making friends in my own suburb. I just hope this goes well. :)


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