Aug. 10th, 2012

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OMG the links! I only closed them all down ... yesterday? Day before? They have arisen AGAIN!! I blame Ju, personally. So here, check out the 51st Down Under Feminist Carnival! Now I have five million links open again! *cries*

One more sleep! Today we intend to tackle outside the house. And more cooking. Yay!

Oh no, I have run out of topics!
Whatever shall I talk about next?

I am currently playing with Health Month and going down like a lead balloon LOL. The 100 glasses of water a week thing? I couldn't figure out how to change that to a more acceptable amount, so I am totally tanking there. The no processed food is OK, I'm not too fussed about, but all over I expect I am DYING in this game LOL

Chesh suggested I write about sex. Broad topic much?? Hmmm, sex. Too many bits and peices to write about this one today!

Had some poly thoughts while I was cleaning. Then just kept cleanng instead and now I have forgotten everything.

Poly Part 2
Oh! I remembered! I was going to post about how excited I am that my Husbandly One and the Mistress are going out! On a date! Together! Yay! I take real pleasure when my friends and partners are happy, and what could make every one happier than more love? I don't know if they have really gone out and done this sort of thing until this weekend. It's kind of hard to schedule everything, but I do think this sort of thing is important in a relationship. Time away from everything with fine food and wine is a wonderful way to connect and appreciate someone, and I like seeing them happy, together and individually. It's such a treat to go out, and I am very happy that they get to enjoy this.

This post has taken... three hours so far. And no sign of being finished yet.

Shutting Parts of Yourself Down
Blue Milk posts about an issue pretty close to my heart. The shutting down of parts of yourself, and the later re-opening of those parts. And finding new parts and exploring. I think John and I have done a pretty awesome job in still remaining very much who we were before the kids came along, and I know we struggled for a number of years to try and give each other space to remain *us* against the tide of sheer work small keeds create... but I think we did good.

Six hours since I started now... not boding well for a short sharp post! LOL

Making Space
Sometimes making space for things is easy, and sometimes it's hard. Juggling space and time and schedules and feelings is... a monumental task at any time. Conversation habits that may have worked in the past no longer work, and we have to learn things anew. And sometimes we just feel like slipping away, things are too hard or they're too difficult, or the end result isn't worth the struggle. But we're born to struggle, born to  be more than what we are. Doesn't any one else feel that constant strain, the constant drive to be more? I could really do with a hug right now, but I am determined to be a self settling adult. :D So I shall play some loud music, bath myself in unguents and not ungulants and paint my nails. I shall hug myself and reaffirm my love for the woman I married.


Oh, and cook some more food. Wouldn't want to run out tomorrow now would we?

callistra: Fuschia from Sinfest crying her heart out next to Hell's flames (Default)
Impromtu is a myth created by non-poly and non-parent people!


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