Aug. 16th, 2012

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Good morning all!

I got paid! Yay! The first royalties for Jack Gorman got Cut By A Girl have come through! How awesome is that?? *preens*

Big Brother
Watching it every morning is kind of interesting. I am thinking of watching it while I do my daily blogging, and see if that effects my rambles much! Yeah... I got a bit distracted LOL

Women's Weekend
So I have been thinking again about running another womens' weekend. The thing is, I want to do different things than Femmeconne. I loved Femmeconne but it was big and unwieldy, which is fine when you have enough people to help manage it, but there's no way I could handle a lot of people with a lot of emotions all at once. So I am thinking that a max of ten women. The other issue is that since I want to keep numbers low, it's going to be expensive compared to the Femmeconnes. $250 or so for 2 night accommodation plus food and extras, or possibly even more depending on when I crunch some numbers.

Ideas for a Programme
Things I have been thinking... well, Friday night would be meet and greet and dinner, possibly even some drinks. Saturday morning we would do some talking about our goals and plans and workshop some of the things that affect us and our goals, or even just talk. Then lunch and some downtime, and at dinner time I want to do some self exploration stuff which would also be very intense. I have ideas on how to form this, but I would be asking for advice first from others who are more experienced at this sort of thing. I might even be able to find a venue within the Perth area if I am lucky. Sunday morning would be breakfast, and maybe some discussion of what we can do, stepping out of the sacred space and into the real world again, and how we can help to support each other in our endeavours.

Wishes and Fishes
I want to keep this sort of thing open to people who have a goal or a plan, and want some sort of push to get past something, to people who just want to experience and learn more about themselves without some aim to the weekend. I want to build and develop a space in which anything is possible that is safe and supported, and we can talk about anything from budgets to goal development to self exploration to self love. Of course, if any one had a specific thing they wanted me to talk about/lead or workshop, then I could work with that. I am always open to suggestions and ideas, and I also think that no matter what the medium, we can always look at better ways to include JOY in our lives, and make ourselves think about things anew.

Saucy Sarahs
I have put some serious hours into saucy sarahs, and expect to do so for the next week while I move domain hosts, move the blog, and start looking into setting up the shopping cart and payment system. I have all the tools here, I just tend not to follow them and go off a little bit enthusiastically. February I purchased, but I didn't realise that Wordpress itself doesn't allow much messing with HMTL and all the cool stuff I wanted to use were plug-ins, which required the blog to be hosted by a separate party. So, I have purchased some hosting, set up wordpress, the domain already seems to be moved over, and today I sit down and make it look pretty and see how it fits in with how I want it to be. I am really looking forward to playing with this, selling the NAFF story and stuff. It's exciting and fascinating all at once! The next trick is how do I make people buy my stuff... LOL

Asylum Seekers
A letter to the Prime Minister
I don't have a lot to say on this, except it hurts that there are people out there who this affects directly, who are already so desperate and driven they have risked life and loved ones to try and find a safe habour. And then we treat them like prisoners and pull families apart and hurt people. We'll never get out of the muck while we still do this to other human beings. I would have thought that people with this sort of drive and ambition would make wonderful citizens, more determined and caring about Australia as a home than people who just happened to be here. I just don't know what to say, and I feel hopeless that we can do anything. I have had this page open for a while now, and I just don't know what to write. I'll do it anyway though. That teaspoon metaphor of Ju's seems to awfully apt. :(

Spellchecker Wisdom
Accommodation has more Ms than I usually allow. :)

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