Aug. 31st, 2012

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Health and (In)dependance
Yay! Getting there! Had a bit of a moment last night where I ended up in tears because the things I *want* to do I'm still just not physically capable of doing. This is pretty much par for the course by now, and then I cried a bit more as I remembered I have been really sick for fourteen days. That's a hefty chunk of time, and it stands to reason that it's going to take some time to get back to full strength. Anyway, it was a minor weep and Chesh patted me and offered useful suggestions (damn logic! Always full of answers...) I'm missing my independance right now. I forgot that having one car works fine for us... for a while... and that after about six months or so I get cranky with it and start missing my independance. I can either rework the independance issue in my head so it goes away, or we can just buy a second car again. Shelving this issue for later, I think. Even if we looked at getting a second car, we've been wanting to get a bigger and newer car, so we need to wait until the windows have been paid off (November) and then consider buying/getting a loan/look at finances later.

Children Littered About The Place
Both kids home today. J woke up twice and got Chesh both times, and by the third time Chesh was tired and exhausted and cranky and stressy, so I got the vomit. :) I didn't mind so much but poor J was so upset and in the end I put a mattress on his floor and slept in his room with him. Poor honey. Of course, now I am achey and sore from sleeping on the floor... I knew that was going happen. Vin's temperature spiked last night, and was still high this morning. He was much more listless than the other day, so he's spent all day on the couch except for when we all had naps this afternoon. I had a nap too! I must have just passed out, I barely remember evem getting into bed, and then I woke up and my feet were toasty warm. The one big problem I have with naps is that my feet never seem to get warm. That they did today makes me worry I am getting sick again. :(

Chesh has finished his job...
and moved onto the new one. Yay! Here's hoping things will now be stable for the next 3 - 5 years! I have any projects to start work on now LOL and I still need to make some firm decisions about travelling over the next few years. Of course, I still can't really do that until things *are* stable, rather than just me wishing intently for it. I had a chat last night with one of the local mums, and she was saying her partner pulls in less than 20K per annum. Wow, that would be hard :( He also wouldn't let her work at night because he doesn't want to baby sit and other odd little quirks. People are strange.

Most of my friends seem to think Clink Easton's just shot all his credibility out the window. Rachel Maddow's response was particularly amusing. She was properly speechless. I tried to watch the footage but I think my brain refused. I don't really know; I tried about two or three times, but for some reason I still haven't seen it... But from all the articles I read, it shoulds like Eastwood was trying for some theatre and it's backfired on him, and from what I read it sounds to me like Eastwood was ... I dunno, indelicate? Silly? About it? I mean, if you're going to pretend that someone's on stage with you, shouldn't you pretend the person is in character? Apparently Eastwood was acting like the invisible Obama was swearing at him and stuff, and seriously dude, Obama is a great speaker and I have never heard about him swearing incoherently. So by creating this invisible Obama as a swearing incoherent sockpuppet, I think he's missed the mark in what he was trying to do. Anyway, since I didn't even watch the footage, I should stop meandering about and move on to...

Obama Broke Reddit
Good on him LOL I found out afterwards, but I'm watching the discussion spread out. I think well done on him, and it serves Reddit right that it melted their servers LOL but then who could possibly be prepared for the POTUS popping into Reddit for 30 minutes to answer a few questions? Well done on the marketing and PR side, and well done Obama. As always the whinging is rising to drown the discussion, but what's politics without a good whine? Pointless, of course :)

My House is Full of Junk Food
So my big Coles order arrived today, and it was indeed full of junk food LOL but the highlight was definitely talkign to the delivery person. She was really lovely, she walked in and saw Sarah's artwork on the wall and loved them! Then we talked books, art, home schooling, education, ecosystems, more books, school, food poisoning, zombies... and all this in ten mintes while we unloaded all my stuff. She was so lovely! Hope I get her next time too.


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