Oct. 18th, 2012

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Binders Full of Women
people have been having a great time with that little error of phrasing! We understand what he meant, but if you look at the whole discussion that quote is a part of, then you can see the systematic lack of understanding of how entrenched sexism works. He was trying to fix a problem with a band aid, and the main problem is his attitude, which has lead into the unfortunate phrase about the binders full of women.

I am starting to get the urge to do some strength training/row again. The urge is there but I still want to wait another week or so. I might kick off some push ups instead for now. My shoulders are going to kill me!

Doctor Who
We watched the end of season 4 last night. I didn't explode into a wall of rage this time around, but I may have been slightly distracted. Still pissed off about the way the writers handled Donna in the end, and watching it again also made me realise that they knew what they were doing. There's a theme running through the season with Donna about her struggles with obscurity. She has these awesome talents and skills and gets jobs with them, but then the problems that get her fired tend to not be her own problems - her boss in Turn Left with the wandering hands, her fiancee in the beginning... and she is brilliant. Just in the normal world she never quite fits in, and to give her that moment of glory, and then to whip it out from under her... it still really upsets me! And some of the cheap shots were unnecessary - her interest in Jack could have been handled so much better :( They're still my one true pairing though LOL

I relate so well to Donna because I think I am talented and maybe even a little brilliant at times. But I also struggle with obscurity, and make conscious choices about where to put my energies to ensure I get what I want from life. I want to shine, and I love working with people, and I love to teach/explore/learn... but there's so much stuff that *has* to be done. I want to shine, and be paid for shining! :D I don't want much LOL I'm still trying to get there...

Three days in a row! Oh gosh! Sleep! I was super productive yesterday even if I didn't get everything done. I should do some of those things today but it's my first kid free day! J and V are both in school today! Yay! 

The Project
I have some one coming out today to look at the property and someone coming out tomorrow. I am stunned with the sheer brilliance of customer service when you need to sell a house. Maybe I should look at selling houses for a job! And the sales rep coming out today is bringing his wife with him, who happens to be a mortgage broker. I am expecting these two will be a killer couple. I should run and hide now! So the Data is starting to flow. I was hoping to have al my info by the end of the month, not the end of the week! I am in a bit of shock!


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