Jul. 24th, 2012

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Wishing there was more connection and real-word-in-your-head type of stuff on LJ and DW like the good old days. I miss the old sense of community and chat and exchanges of ideas too, and I also agree FB just doesn't quite cut it. FB is like blitburts, the problem being they are designed to make you hungry for more and never satisfy.

I can't promise I will satisfy, but I can certainly type for a bit LOL

I've just done a character interview for the anthology I'm in, which was interesting. I'd gotten it wrong yesterday and filled out the questions as if I was the one being interviewed, so then comparing that to doing it with my lead character was fun and interesting. I am in an outgoing/sharing mood, so I am hoping to keep on writing and putting it out there. I am deciding how to shape today, and closing down FB is going to be one of my key points to start! I am going to hit up my work on the Jeff Goins blogging class I did and then write some blog posts for the publicity trail too, and if I feel particularly enthused, I will stash a few writing and kitchen posts for Egoboo and Saucy Sarah too. I need to get some business cards and stuff done, and I don't know how much longer our scoopon vouchers for Vista have, so I should probably get a wriggle on with that too.

I have a bit of a headache and a very mild sore throat. Possibly fighting off Jen's cold. I don't wanna get sick! I refuse, in fact! :) I'm a bit tired this morning, and my muscles are aching in odd places - and then I realised I did about 5 loads of dishes yesterday, which required me to be leaning at an odd angle for a serious chunk of time. There's more dishes to do now, but I am letting the water heat up first.

I have been thinking about connections and the way we connect with people a fair bit lately. When connections change, there's a fair amount of jiggling going on, changes and changing. When relationships change there's always re-delineation of boundaries and expectations, and 90% of the case the changes are usually due to withdrawals - losing friends rather than gaining, adjusting to losses rather than incorporating extra.

Ways of connecting can be as simple as the way people talk to each other. It can be that special look in someone's eyes. It can be the way they hold your hand. It could be the secret smile they send your way. It can also be someone brushing my hair, or perhaps me painting their nails. It can be hour long conversations, where hearts are shared and discussed and cherished, or it maybe a single line of explanation and endless silent hugs.

This may be the first time in my life where I feel I am living more in my body than I am online. And as soon as I start writing seriously again, I'm going to struggle to maintain this living in my own body thing, or else just give up and once again live entirely on my PC. That return to real life is always a shock. Perhaps I should move to pen and paper novel writing. My hands just ache to think on it!

How do we connect on LJ and DW? What non-verbal ways can we communicate? Can we share mental space in an online forum in meaningful ways?


callistra: Fuschia from Sinfest crying her heart out next to Hell's flames (Default)

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