Jul. 25th, 2012

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So, I am here. i have my coffee (fisting coffee!) and wearing my new Avon lipstick and even some Avon eyeshadow. The lipstick is shockingly pink, unlike the more neutrally tones I usually choose, and I am enjoying the glamour of it. The eyeshadow is a selection of brown, which instantly disappears on my skin. As most eye shadows do. *pout*

So what should we talk about today? Well, I was wondering if people have actual ideas on how to form certain close relationships online. Of course the first thing that is most scarce in our lives is time. Do we have time to foster the sorts of relationships we appear to desire? Where do we find the time, and is it possible to share time without there being a loss from one person that equals an addition to another? Is this a zero sum game where there's always a loser and always a winner? Or is there a way we can have multiple meaningful relationships without any losers?

I dunno. And this is a bit early in my fisting coffee to really get this deep. I suppose I should either a) stop calling it my fisting coffee or b) explain, right? Well, we have a Lavazza coffee machine, you get it free as long as you buy the pods every quarter. Awesome. Turns out we can go through the minimum purchase ($120) in a month... but I digress. So there's about 4 types of coffee you can get, and Chesh's favourite coffee has someone with big hairy hands holding a fistful of beans. It looks like a fist to me! So! Fisting coffee!

Yes, the humour really is that highbrow around here.

Oo, the dishwasher person is here. Yay, take my money, make my dishwasher work! My hands are going to hate me. i haven't been using plastic gloves, so I will probably have reactions to the detergent later, but I hate using gloves to do dishes. I can't tell if the dishes are clean if I use gloves.

Back to the discussion about online relationships... which segues neatly (or not) into discussions about online safe spaces. The infamous comment "DON'T READ THE COMMENTS!" is on my FB almost every day with links to interesting articles with dubious commentariats. As this is a journal rather than a blog, I expect my commentariat to be thoughtful and aware of each other's spaces. I've had my own spaces trampled a little, which I can't remember what i did about it. Maybe it's helped to shape my non-posting of contention subjects policy. Well, it's not a policy so much as I just didn't want to post about anything for some time now.

Which is sad, cos a lot has happened and I can't remember it all.

This is probably enough rambling for today. I have done a mountain of dishes, walked the kids to school, managed to get myself showered and dressed and journalling. Today I shall finish the blog piece for Nancy, decide what we shall have for dinner, do the interview for Jo, and see if I can fit in some solid time for some blogging articles. Making shit up, that's my job. :) Trying to make it interesting, however, is a curious thing.

One last question (cos I am full of them today) is... do you guys identify as readers or writers, and why do you read me?


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