Aug. 2nd, 2012

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Good morning every one!
(Hi Mrs Parker!)
And how are you today?
(mumble mumble mulble)


Can you tell I'm pretty chirpy? Went to the gym yesterday and did another 30mins on blah blah blah, listened to some great music, did some writing and cleaning and tonight we buy a new dishwasher! Yay! Then no more hand washing! How awesome is that?? Actually, I don't mind the handwashing too much. If I am happy, I don't mind housework at all. It's when I'm not happy that I get annoying about it and whinge a lot. I guess though, who doesn't do that? Is the mood reflective in the daily activities or do the daily activities cause the mood? A bit of both I guess.

I want to talk about my body again today. (Sometimes it feels like a never ending topic!) As a lot of you know I have been working over the past few years to change my body, and it comes with its fair share of surprises and shake ups (or is it downs?) and I realised this morning that I am REALLY happy with my current body. I out on my Felix the Cat t shirt and was like "OMG that's really fitting well today! Yay" and my whole body seems to be looking really good right now. I look at old photos of me and I think I look kind of swollen, on top of being fat. (Yes, they are two different things. The way your body carries water and fat show in different ways) and I just feel prettier more often.

I felt pretty good and pretty pretty when I was bigger too, but right now I think I have been roughly this size for long enough that this body now feels like normal to me. I don't feel odd when I notice something has changed; I don't feel odd when my gait has changed and my legs have a different shape now (gosh, calf muscles can be hard as rocks!). I don't feel so weird wearing clothes that are Not My Size.

And so much other stuff has changed too, in the TMI arena. It might be partially my age (don't women hit their peak around late 30s early 40s?) and I've always had a pretty awe inspiring TMI life, but things really seem to have ramped up lately. I'm also being more vocal about my own needs and wants, perhaps because they seem to much more obvious to me now? Who knows. :)

So anyway, probably time for me to start some work for the day! Just had a visit from Tiki, and that was really lovely. Great to see her and great to chat.


callistra: Fuschia from Sinfest crying her heart out next to Hell's flames (Default)

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