Aug. 24th, 2012

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Still sick!
But I am now on a merry roundabout of drugs, with antibiotics and steroids thrown in for good measure. Plus the brycanil as needed. Wheeee! I do feel better already, so pleased! Plus last night I addressed my lower back pains with a heat pack, some gentle back excersizes, and a massage, and OMG it worked! First time ever! With all the drugs kicking in I had three blissful painfree hours where I could breath and not hurt at the same time! Awesome! I don't *think* I slept though, I just sort of dozed and enjoyed. I knew exactly when something wore off; I started coughing and I started getting muscle spasms again. Brycanil seemed to fix it though, and this time I actually slept deeply and well until morning.

I had important things to say. I can't remember what they were.
Yeah. No. Not terribly important LOL but I still can't remember what they were. I have been enjoying FEED by Mira Grant, though I have to be at a certain level of awareness to do so. Enjoying the mix of tech, blogging, writing, and zombies. Yay zombies! My plan for the day is some cleaning in ten minute bursts interspersed with much lying around and sleeping or reading. At some point I will shower and wash my hair. I have such high ambitions. Realistic, perhaps, might be a better word. :)

Unicorns in Castleville
I know I have been sick for the entire time that we've had this quest but I'm confused. People are partnering with me to inspire unicorns, awesome. But how do I go and inspire their unicorns for them? I could read a FAQ but where would the whining be in that?


callistra: Fuschia from Sinfest crying her heart out next to Hell's flames (Default)

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