Aug. 27th, 2012

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Yeah, still getting there. I believe this is called the convalescing phase, where I'm not sick but I'm weak as a kitten. I'm a bit shakey right now, have sucked down some coffee and sugar in the form of cake to try and balance myself out, but I finally left the house for more than a child pickup/delivery run. Now I need to sit quietly for the rest of the day! My eye blisters have come back, so I'm having a bit of trouble seeing. :(

Darn, I had a few interestign topics lined up and now I can't remember anything other than how warm and fluffy and comforting my bed is... mmmmmm :)

OH MY GOD FEED BY MIRA GRANT IS BRILLIANT. I love love love this book. I can not stress enough how much I love love love this book. OMG the relationships! The zombies! The action! The characters! *GAH!* Anyway, I read all three books this weekend. I need a cigarette and a massage, stat. I'm still a bit jumpy when I see things moving in my peripheral vision...
I loved the intensity of the relationships between the people in the stories, I guessin a way it reminds me of me and mine.

Rough notes for later thought - how relationships for me and mine are different from the traditional forms of relationships, and how much that is reflected or allowed by the constant access that modern technology provides to our people. Just a note that we've never had such easy access to so many people before, and I use these mediums to create a depth and quality to my relationships that just couldn't be maintained without them.

Big Brother
I am just watching the ecivtion nights show now, and watching the footage where they ate holding Ryan's birthday party. I think it's really lovely and sweet that BB crew took the time to tailor the party to match him, and I know people probably think he's a bit of a self absorbed git (and I'm not denying that, but...) I really think it's gorgeous that BB has set up this party to showcase Ryan's greatest asset, his beauty. I don't know, it's not often we get to celebrate one particular aspect that people have spent time honing and developing, and I sort of expected he would get more flack than BB has given him.

BB Kitchen Special (I wish!)
I wish BB would release the details on the running of the house. I want to know what they get given (15 kilos of lentils and ten kilos of brown rice... plus....? $5 luxury per head....) and what they buy and how much BB is charging and how much they eat and what they cook and who does the cooking and OMG I would totally want to see an entire thread on just kitchen related stuff LOL

So exhausted I could just cry
I think the titled covered this bit! I don't think the sugar and coffee helped as much as I hoped.


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