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Oh my gosh! I missed yesterday's Ramble! To try and make up for it, I am writing today's Ramble with my full attention, ie, I'm not watching BB while I write... which means it will be longer and ramblier! How awesome! lucky are you!! great!

Monday Night Crew
I fucking NAILED that standing rib roast! OMG it was so divine! I have always had terrible luck with roast beef. I don't seem to be able to get the roasts to the right sort of done-ness for the quality, so I gave up on roast beef years ago. This was am $80 cut of meat, and I followed the instructions pretty well LOL and let it rest for half the cooking time and it just melted in the mouth. Oh my. I wanted to spoil every one a little, so we had antipasto, slowcooked smokey garlic beef ribs, sorbet, standing rib roast with asparagus in butter, cheeses and chocolate, and then icecream. Plus a couple of bottles of lovely wine. It was perfect! Well... I still would have preferred prawn cocktails for the entree LOL

Big Brother
Wow are they a bitchy bunch! So many mean things said. I feel a little bit sorry for Estelle, since every one seems to be hacking on her. I don't feel too sorry though, since it's all a construct of what BB wants to show us of what's going on in the house. I am wondering how the Resent Ray campaign is going, now that every thing is back to normal, do any of the housemates still have a vague resentment against him.

Yay, it's not number one any more! Woo! So my throat still feels a little swollen, and I'm still doing the ABs but I am feeling pretty good. Had tired moments yesterday that I wasn't expecting, but that's life. :) I am thinking of joining the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Challenge, since it's about time I cleaned up my act. Yesterday we ate lollies. Today, Jack is still feral. *sigh* My own fault. :) I had the urge to go to the gym again because I have started my gymnastic programme... hahahahaha

So I hope you're all putting your name on the meme thing! I am going to answer some of them and read others while I watch BB this morning. Yay BB! Yay memes! I should go through my archive and look for some of the old ones that were cool and kick them off again.

So, votes on doing my food diary here? Or should I stick with my old one over on A Pinch Of Health? Thoughts, people, thoughts???

Having trouble sorting out my social life LOL I am trying to sort out what I want/need from this week *and* next week, but there's just too much stuff on and also, I don't know if I will get peopled out on a certain day or time or GAH *dies* I shall hide under my rock instead, perhaps, it's all too hard. :) Someone else can make decisions for a bit.

Castleville Thoughts

Zynga have set up their own interface outside but linked into Facebook. If you log into the Zynga interface, you can help other people by clicking on their "please give me stuff" links, and they can click on yours. This is an interesting step up from Facebook, where we post to our walls and our friends can click on those links (or whine about them, whatevs) as you suddenly have access to an unlimited pool of people who are all awake at the same time as I am, playing the same game. The feed streams constantly, and every time I help someone, I also get one of that item.

The big thing that I am looking at is a helpful little window that pops up and says "You have helped 150 people! Friend them all?" with a giant OK button. Um. Why... er... sure...? And suddenly I have 350ish people accepting my friend request on Zynga, who I don't have to actually interact with, and who aren't my FB friends (and hence less whining...) and suddenly it's so much easier to ask 100 people for an item, the next hundred for something else, 50 people for ... etc etc etc. And then during the day I get literally hundreds of items sent back to me as the gift exchanged continue.

I accepted 89 requests this morning after the initial 30 something and then accepted friend requests from a couple of people and then I realised... it's a pyramid scheme based on the reciprocal gifting FB has trained us to do. My empire grows everytime I friend more people... as does theirs.

Hmm, I am not longer sure that pyramid is the right shape for this story... but the amount of crap I receive daily is expanding at a phenomal rate. Which also brings me into the bottle necks designed into the game to keep us on our toes and provide some level of difficulty...

Which I will talk about later. But oh my gosh, wow. GIANT PYRAMID SCHEME. Hmm, maybe it's more like a chain letter? But wow, I was pretty impressed when I thought of the way the scope has changed from just my FB friends to randoms across the world. There's no real sense of friendship, kinship or relationship. We just play the same game, and it seems that it's enough. Maybe I need a t-shirt that says "I clicked on your damn gift request, that's enough social interaction for today!

It turns out the pretty blue one  (that I swear was going to be the last!) was sold out in my size. *sigh* Ah well, there's always a new corset somewhere that needs buying. That's blue. And that one will be my last... for a while at least!

Have a great day, peeps!

Oh, and bonus links. I want this. Or this.

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I'd love it if you posted your food diaries here :) I was following along at A Pinch of Health, but I always forget to login there these days.


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